AstralPool VX Salt Chlorinator Manual - [Official PDF]

Has your Astral Pool VX salt chlorinator started playing up? Perhaps you're getting the no flow issue? Use the manual below to help you fix any problems with your salt chlorinator!

CompanyAstral Pool
ProductVX salt chlorinator
Number Of Pages16

Astral Pool VX Salt Chlorinator Manual Summary

The user manual for the AstralPool VX salt chlorinator provides detailed information on the installation, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the product.

The manual begins with a general overview of the product, followed by instructions for the installation of the control box and the cell. It also provides guidance on pool preparation and using the user panel to program the device.

The programming section specifically discusses the timer model and chlorine output levels. The manual then goes on to explain the various user modes, warnings display, chlorine output levels, safety backwash, and the run dry safety feature.

The manual also provides information on the general operation and pool chemistry. This includes setting the right chlorine output and filtration time for both summer and winter seasons, checking chlorine levels, and maintaining the stabilizer, pH level, total alkalinity, and salt levels.

The maintenance section of the manual discusses the cell maintenance and provides a troubleshooting guide for common issues that may arise. The troubleshooting section includes step-by-step instructions for identifying and resolving these issues.

Overall, the user manual for the AstralPool VX salt chlorinator provides comprehensive guidance to help users install and operate the product effectively and efficiently.

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