Dolphin Pool Cleaner Starts Then Stops - Why? How To Fix?

Dolphin Pool Cleaner Starts Then Stops - Why? How To Fix?

If your Dolphin pool cleaner starts cleaning then stops before it is finished, you are not alone. Many pool owners that make use of Dolphin brand pool cleaners have experienced a similar issue.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons why your Dolphin pool cleaner starts then stops, as well as what steps you can take to fix it.

Why Does My Dolphin Pool Cleaner Start Then Stop?

Obstructed Drive Train Or Tracks

One common issue that causes Dolphin pool cleaners to start then stop is obstructed tyre tracks. Occasionally, debris can enter the tyre tracks of your machine. If large enough pieces enter this area, these tracks will fail to rotate properly, restricting the movement of your machine.

To remedy this, shut off the pool cleaner and remove it from the water. Then, remove the tyre tracks and inspect them for any lodged debris.

Once you have removed any debris, reassemble the movement tracks of your machine and test its operation again.

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Filter Basket Is Overly Full

Sometimes a dolphin pool cleaner robot will start and then stop if the filter basket is overly full. This is because it takes the computer sensors a moment or two for the machine to register that the basket has reached its maximum capacity.

To remedy this, empty your filter basket before each cycle you run on your cleaner. This is a good way to ensure that your machine completes its cleaning process without any issues.

Impacted Impeller System

If you have regularly let your pool cleaner operate with a full filter basket, you may have an impacted impeller system. The impeller is the piece of your Dolphin pool cleaner that rotates rapidly in order to produce water flow and suction in some models.

If your filter basket does not get emptied when it is full, debris can overflow from this basket into the impeller. Large enough debris will stall this unit completely, rendering your pool cleaner useless until this is fixed.

To fix this issue, remove your pool cleaner from the pool and disconnect it from the power supply. Remove the filter basket and then inspect the area around its housing unit for any clogs.

Most impellers are located near the top of Dolphin pool cleaning machines, but you can check your manual for more specific information.

Damaged Machine

If you have checked for the problems mentioned above and did not find any relevant problems, you may have a damaged machine. Damage can occur if the machine is not used according to instructions.

Always follow your cleaner’s instruction manual for information about the proper storage, upkeep, and handling of your machine. If you suspect you have received a faulty product, reach out to Maytronics - your product may still be covered by their warranty.

Maytronics typically provides at least a 2 year warranty for their robotic cleaners, including the S100, S200, DB1, E10 and more.

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