Pentair Rebel 2 Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting

Pentair Rebel 2 Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting Guide

The Pentair Rebel 2 is one of the most popular robotic pool cleaners available on the market today. This machine has top performance ratings when compared to other machines, but that doesn’t mean that it is a model without any problems.

In this Rebel Pool Cleaner troubleshooting guide, we will cover some of the most common issues that users experience with this machine as well as how to remedy them.

Pentair Rebel Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting

Cleaner Is Not Moving Or Moves Too Slowly

If your Pentair Rebel 2 cleaner is not moving at all or moves incredibly slowly, there are a few things you should check.

Check Pump Flow & Priming

First, ensure the flow provided by your pump is adequate for the machine by using the regulator valve as outlined in your cleaner’s user manual.

You should also ensure that your pool’s pump has been primed. To do this, clean your pump and filter system of all debris and ensure that there is no air trapped within the suction lines.

Confirm that your pool’s main drain and any additional suction lines are entirely closed except for the line that the cleaner is attached to.

Check For Blockages

Then, check the insides of the cleaner for any debris that may be restricting the movement of the machine.

If all else fails, your pool’s pump and filter unit may be too small to provide adequate suction for your machine. In this case, it is recommended that you reach out to a pool maintenance professional for advice about your equipment.

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Cleaner’s Right Wheel Cannot Be Rotated By Hand

If your cleaner’s right wheel cannot be rotated by hand, this indicates an obstruction within the cleaner itself. To remedy this, disassemble the cleaner and dislodge any debris that may be affecting the tires or camshaft.

Cleaner Stays In One End Of The Pool

If your Pentair Rebel 2 cleaner stays at one end of the pool, check the flow gauge indicator and adjust flow if needed using the regulator valve. You should also check the return line’s water flow and redirect it if necessary to prevent it from pushing the cleaner around.

Ensure that the cleaner’s hose is long enough to allow it to reach the furthest corners of your pool.

You should also adjust the floaters within the hose so that they follow the recommended placements outlined in your product manual. Additionally, the swivel connectors between each length of hose may require cleaning if they are not moving freely.

Cleaner Climbs Too Much

If your cleaner climbs the walls too often or climbs out of the pool, this is typically an issue related to water flow. Check the suction flow using the flow gauge provided with your machine and then adjust the flow to meet the specifications outlined in your product’s user manual.

Cleaner Will Not Climb Walls

If your cleaner will not climb walls, this can also be an issue with inadequate levels of flow. You should also check that the tires of the cleaner are not showing excessive signs of wear.

Tires with a significant amount of wear will simply lack the traction required for the machine to climb walls effectively.

Other issues that can prevent your cleaner from climbing walls as intended include having hose floaters located at improper placements or a poorly-installed leader hose.

Cleaner Gets Stuck On Main Drain

If your Pentair Rebel 2 cleaner gets stuck on the main drain of your pool, make sure that the main drain is closed. Your main drain should also have a grate installed to prevent pool equipment and swimmers from getting stuck on it.

If you cannot get your main drain closed properly by yourself, contact a pool maintenance professional.

Cleaner Falls On Its Side

Occasionally, the Pentair Rebel 2 cleaner can fall over on its side. Although it should be able to recover itself from this position, sometimes it fails to do this. To remedy this issue, ensure that your hose floaters are located in the correct sections of the hose.

Double-check that the leader hose is installed in the proper position, and make sure the hose is long enough to reach the furthest point of the pool.

In some cases, the water return valve eyeball fittings may push the cleaner’s hoses away, which leads to the machine being imbalanced. Check your user manual to ensure these pieces have been installed correctly.

Still Having Issues?

Get in touch with Pentair - they can troubleshoot with you further and if necessary, organise for your Rebel to be repaired. This will be free provided that it is a manufacturing fault and that the unit is still within the warranty period.

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