Steel Rod Pool Fences

Steel Rod Pool Fence - How Does It Look?

Steel rod pool fences are a time-tested fencing option that has been a popular choice for decades. Made out of durable steel, this fencing is long-lasting, simple, and can be much more affordable than premium fencing types.

In this article, we will discuss what steel rod pool fences are, how they look, the pros and cons of this fence type, as well as what landscaping designs these fences pair best with.

What Are Steel Rod Pool Fences?

Steel rod pool fences involve vertical, steel fence posts that are narrowly spaced out in a row. These rods can be connected by a horizontal bar or two, but most commonly they consist solely of vertical rods with no additional attachments.

Because steel is composed of iron alloy, this type of pool fencing is prone to developing rust with age. When it is new, it typically arrives painted. Black is the most common colour.

Pros And Cons Of Steel Rod Pool Fencing



The design of steel rod pool fences is simple. It allows you to see into and out of your pool area without having to worry about keeping glass panels clean.


Steel rods are a mid-range pool fencing option. If you are looking for something above wood (ie. vertical timber batten) or chain-link but can’t afford the $200+ price tag that comes with glass options, a steel rod pool fence can make a great compromise.

Sleek design

This style of pool fence takes up very little space and also provides a less obstructed view than other types of fencing.


Steel rod pool fencing is virtually upkeep-free. If you do not want your rods to rust over time, they will just need to be sanded and repainted every 5-10 years on average.



Steel rod pool fences can give off quite a harsh look. Done improperly or with poorly-styled fence posts, this pool fencing option can make your backyard feel like a prison. Try to choose fence post colours and shapes that match your existing landscaping theme.

Best Landscape Pairings For Steel Rod Pool Fences

Steel rod pool fences work great with many pool landscaping designs.

For modern landscapes, we recommend choosing squared and dark-coloured rods for your fence. For French-riviera-styled areas, steel pool fences with spear-headed rods work well in a variety of colours.

A variety of rod shapes and colours can also work well with heavily-planted landscapes or more homely themes. Avoid going for thick, dark black posts if you do not have corresponding landscaping elements as this can contribute to an undesirable, cage-like feel.


Steel rod pool fencing is a time-tested fencing option. Thanks to the vertical fencing bars, this fence type is also fully unclimbable, keeping it aligned with national pool safety fencing regulations while meeting your design needs.

Do you have any remaining queries about steel rod pool fences? Reach out to us in the comments with any questions you may have, we’d love to help!

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