Smallest Inground Pool

Smallest Inground Pool & Cost - How Small Can You Go?

Small pools are a great option for confined spaces. Whether you have a small yard or need to save space for other outdoor activities, you may find yourself wondering: what is the smallest inground pool available on the market?

In this article, we will discuss the smallest inground swimming pools you can buy, what sizes are available, and how much you should expect a small inground pool to cost.

What Is A Plunge Pool?

Plunge pools are simply another name for small swimming pools. These pools can be inground or above-ground, but this article will focus on details relevant to in-ground pools.

What Is The Smallest Pool Available?

The smallest plunge pools available tend to be less than 10 cubic metres (10,000 L) in volume. This estimate does not include any reductions for benches or similar structures.

One pool that is approximately this size is the Stradbroke by Swimming Pools Brisbane. This pool has a sloped floor, making it one of the only small pools with varied depths. The dimensions of this pool are 3.2m x 1.9m, and the depth ranges from 1.2-1.53m.

A slightly smaller pool is the Zoe by Miami Pools Australia. It is 3.2m x 1.9m and has a depth of 1.2m. It is available in six different colours, never needs to be repainted, and comes with a 30-year structural warranty.

Freedom Pools in Brisbane carries one of the smallest pools available in the country: the Hydro Plunge. This pool is 2.8m x 2m and has a depth of 1.7m. Made of high-quality fibreglass, this pool features a bench for relaxing and water jets for hydrotherapy.

How Much Do Small Plunge Pools Cost?

The total cost of small plunge pools is determined by many factors. These include the size of the pool, the material that it is made out of, the installation process used, and the equipment the pool is accompanied with.

The cost can also be affected by the excavation fees involved, which vary greatly depending on your property. Properties with narrow access or unfavourable soil types can make digging more difficult and therefore more expensive.

You should expect to pay at least $12,000 for the total project, regardless of how small of a pool you are able to find.

This is a very low estimate, and a more average smallest inground swimming pool cost tends to be around $23,500 including equipment and professional installation.


Small pools are not necessarily much more budget-friendly than larger pools. Even though they might be small, these pools are still built as permanent structures, making them durable for decades of use.

This durability, alongside quality craftsmanship and detailed installation, really make investing in an in-ground pool worth it regardless of the size.

Do you have any questions about the smallest inground pools available? Get in touch with us in the contact section, we’d love to help answer any remaining questions you may have!

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