Baracuda Rova

Baracuda Rova Review - Does It Stack Up? Our Honest Opinion

πŸ‘The Good:Lightweight, easy to install
πŸ‘ŽThe Bad:Not that many features for the price point
πŸ”Verdict:Not worth it
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Product Comparison Table - Baracuda Rova

Before we dive into the review, let's take a look at the main specs for this product, and how it compares to other similar models.

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Baracuda Rova Review - Does It Stack Up? Our Opinion

The Baracuda Rova is a somewhat more affordable pool cleaner than those by other brands. Despite the relatively lower price point, you may be wondering: how does this machine stack up to its competitors?

In this article we will review some pros and cons of the Baracuda Rova, while comparing it to other cleaners in terms of cleaning performance, overall design, build quality, and functionality in order to help you decide if this cleaner makes a good choice for your budget and your pool.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy installation; plug-and-play
  • Fairly lightweight (5.5kg)
  • Suitable for most pool linings


  • Filter is not suited for small debris (i.e. dirt, sand)
  • Power cord may tangle due to lack of swivel port
  • Struggles with extra-large debris like sticks and nuts
  • Not cost-effective


The Baracuda Rova is a lightweight robotic pool cleaner weighing approximately 5.5 kilograms when empty. This is on the lighter end, making it more portable than other options.

This machine has a cord length of 14 metres and is rated for pools no larger than 8 x 4 metres in area. It does not include a caddy.

This machine was designed with a diverse colour scheme, consisting of white, teal, black, and grey components with a bright orange carrying handle on the top of the machine. As opposed to other more subdued designs, this colour scheme may stick out a bit when the machine is in your pool.

The Baracuda Rova is designed for both inground and above ground pools, and is compatible with most types of pool lining, including pebblecrete, glass beads, fibreglass, concrete, vinyl, and quartzon.

If you have a tiled pool, you may purchase brushes for this machine that are compatible with tile pools specifically.

Cleaning Performance

Equipped with a filter canister rated for 200 microns, this machine is best at picking up mid-to-large sized debris.

Due to the relatively large grade of filtration, small particles such as dirt, sand, dust, and pollen may not be picked up by this machine, but an aftermarket add-on filter with a rating of 100 microns is available for purchase.

It should be noted that even the 100 micron filter rating allows much larger particles to pass through than many other machines on the market (some are as low as 20 microns).

The cleaning cycle of this machine is for the floor only and lasts for approximately 2 hours. This machine is not intended to climb the walls of your pool, so if you are seeking this feature, you may want to investigate other models, such as the Dolphin M400 or the Pentair Prowler 920.

Build Quality & Warranty


The biggest problem with the Baracuda Rova is with the power cord: it doesn’t attach to the cleaner via a swivel port.

This does not necessarily mean that the cord becomes tangled easily, especially if the machine is used according to the instruction manual, but cord kinks are more likely to happen with this machine than those with a swivel port power cable.


The Baracuda Rova comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty, which is fairly standard among most robotic pool cleaners regardless of brand.

It should be noted that this 2-year warranty often has limitations regarding the repair or replacement of what are known to be consumable parts.


The Baracuda Rova costs approximately $1,300, making it relatively affordable compared to many robotic pool cleaners on the market. Cheaper models are available even still, often produced by other manufacturers and with variable reviews about performance and longevity.

In the same price bracket, consider the Zodiac TX35 or the Dolphin S100.

Baracuda Rova - FAQ

Why Does My Baracuda Pool Cleaner Keep Stopping?

If your Baracuda pool cleaner keeps stopping during the cleaning cycle, it is typically due to clogs or related issues with the filter unit. To fix this, empty the filter canister and rinse it thoroughly to ensure no debris is blocking the filtration panels.

You should also inspect the water intake ports of the machine as well as the impeller to make sure these are not jammed with debris before reinserting your cleaner into the pool and starting a new cleaning cycle. If this does not fix your issue, contact Baracuda customer support.

Is Baracuda And Zodiac The Same?

Baracuda brand robotic pool cleaners are made by the manufacturer Zodiac, who purchased the Baracuda business and subsequent product line from the original owners of the company in 1996. Baracuda products are currently managed and produced by Zodiac South Africa.

Final Thoughts - Baracuda Rova Review

Overall, it is difficult to recommend the Baracuda Rova. While this machine does not have an abundance of negative reviews about its performance, it lacks positive ones as well.

Seeing as this cleaner is only designed for the floors of your pool and does not come with a filter basket that is well-suited for small debris, we think that other pool cleaners may make a much better investment for a similar amount of money, if not less!

Price Comparison - Baracuda Rova

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