Pool Steps For Elderly

Pool Steps For Elderly In Australia - Which Are #1?

Swimming pools are fun and make a great way for people of all ages to get fresh air and physical activity. Unfortunately, many elderly people with mobility issues cannot access swimming pools, with steep stairs or ladders for entry.

Luckily, with the right equipment, you can make your pool more accessible for the elderly people in your life.

In this article, we will discuss what features are necessary for pool steps for the elderly and also recommend a few different products.

Necessary Features

Shallow Steps

Short step height is very important when seeking to make your pool more accessible. Age-related mobility issues often include knee and hip restrictions which can make going up or down large steps challenging.


Ideally, pool steps for the elderly should have handrails on both sides that can be reached simultaneously. This allows people to support themselves using their arms as they descend or climb back up the steps and can also help with balance.

High-Contrast Step Edges

When making your pool more accessible, we strongly encourage using high-contrast step edges. An example of this would be a bold, black line that follows the edge of every step. This can help people identify where the steps are so that they do not misjudge their distance.

Grip Strength

The steps themselves need to be grippy enough to prevent slipping. Oftentimes, rough concrete is enough to accomplish this, but if you are using steps composed of a different material, confirm that it is non-slip.

Best Pool Steps For the Elderly In Australia

Platypus Pool Steps - ParaMobility

The number one option for making in-ground or above-ground swimming pools accessible is Platypus Pool Steps. These steps are a premium option, but they are highly regarded because they are produced by ParaMobility, the leading supplier of disability equipment across Australia.

These pool steps have shallow steps, are durably constructed to fit the demands of your pool, and can be moved in and out of your pool as needed. To purchase these steps, you will need to get in contact with ParaMobility for a quote unique to your pool.

Because these steps are built uniquely to suit your pool, they do not require decking or coping alterations or modifications. They are primarily for use along the sides of your pool but can also be designed to fit in corners if needed.

AquaStairs - NextGenRoto

These AquaStairs are the best option for someone looking to add removable stairs to an above-ground pool, and they can also work with shallow in-ground pools. They typically suit all pools that have a depth ranging from 1.2-1.37 metres.

Composed of UV-stabilised food-grade polyethylene, these steps feature sturdy grip, a large top step, and two stainless-steel handrails. These steps can support a total weight of 255 kg at one time.

They can also be left in your pool during the winter months, and do not require maintenance. Aside from the handrails, these steps are covered by a 2-year manufacturer repair or replacement warranty.

They tend to cost approximately $1,500, and this often does not include delivery fees.

One unique feature of these stairs is that they have a smooth, rounded step edge which can also serve to provide comfortable seating space. The one downside of these stairs is that they do not have high-contrast step edges. However, these could easily be painted on yourself if desired.


Pools can often be inaccessible to those with mobility issues, but they don’t have to be. Thanks to well-designed pool steps for the elderly, all of your loved ones can enjoy the water without worry.

Do you have any questions about pool steps for the elderly? Get in touch with us in the contact section, we’d love to help!

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A chemical engineer by trade, Louis is committed to debunking myths in the pool industry by explaining the underlying chemistry and making it accessible to all.