Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus

Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus Review - Worth Buying? + Prices

👍The Good:Cleans well, good customer service, quiet operation
👎The Bad:Tiny debris intake port, not a wall climber, setup can be tricky for some users
🔍Verdict:Recommended, good investment
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Product Comparison Table - Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus

Before we dive into the review, let's take a look at the main specs for this product, and how it compares to other similar models.

NameKreepy Krauly Sprinta PlusPentair Rebel 2
Best Price

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Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus Review - Worth Buying? + Prices

The Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus is a suction-side pool cleaner with a premium price point. The marketing materials for this machine advertise great quality and performance, but is this cleaner actually worth buying?

In this Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus review, we will discuss the pros and cons of the unit while evaluating its design, build quality, and cleaning performance.

We also review this cleaner’s power specifications and warranty information in order to help you decide if this cleaner makes the right choice for you and your pool.

Pros & Cons


  • Works great with most sizes of debris
  • Good customer service and support
  • Doesn’t get stuck in corners
  • Quiet operation


  • Small debris intake port
  • Can become clogged by debris larger than 5cm
  • Not intended to climb walls
  • Struggles in pools with sloped floors
  • Setup can be tricky for some users


The Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus is a suction-side powered cleaner, meaning that it relies on the suction provided by your pool’s pump in order to power its driveshaft.

This cleaner works best for small to medium sized pools, and comes with 10 metres of hose. Extra hose can be purchased to adapt this machine to larger pools.

Although some consumer reviews mention that it has this capacity and does it well, this cleaner is not designed to climb walls. This information comes directly from a Kreepy Krauly customer service representative on a consumer reviews website.

The Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus is suitable for both inground and above ground pools, and is compatible with almost all pool surfaces, including the more fragile vinyl liners and tile lined pools.

Kreepy Krauly have stated that this unit is not recommended for pebblecrete pools, as it does not have a scrubbing action.

This cleaner is primarily a deep blue colour, which helps it blend in with many pool environments.

Cleaning Performance

There are some small issues with the cleaning performance of the Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus. While most customer reviews agree that it cleans most sizes of debris with ease, there are a few reports of this machine struggling with larger or more dense debris.

According to these reviews, the debris intake port on this cleaner is exceptionally small, meaning that it can get clogged by dense materials such as sticks or large leaves that are bigger than 5 centimetres.

Most users agree that this machine handles leaves just fine, however, if you have an abundance of leaves, sticks, or related tree-borne debris in your pool, you may want to be on standby during the cleaning process in order to remove any clogs that develop.

According to a Kreepy Krauly service representative, this cleaner should be able to handle debris build-up so long as it is run every few days.

If the machine is only operated weekly (by which time a lot of debris has built up in the pool), the cleaner is more likely to experience clogs and the dreaded stalling.

Build Quality & Warranty

Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus Problems

One small problem with the Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus is that the housing for the machine’s ball bearings can wear out rather quickly.

This is not a widely reported problem, but it does appear in a couple of consumer reviews, and you are more likely to experience this issue as your machine ages.

Another problem with the design of the Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus is the small debris intake port. Compared to other cleaners, this machine has much less trouble with leaves and twigs, but ideally most pool cleaners would be able to suck up leaves without user intervention.

Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus Warranty

The Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus has a warranty period of two years. This is comparable to other suction pool cleaners on the market.

Most customers who have had to get in touch with Kreepy Krauly customer service, whether it be for help with setup, ordering repair parts, or making warranty claims agree that their representatives are considerate, understanding and helpful.

This quality of service is much better overall than many other companies that offer longer warranty periods.

Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus Price

The Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus costs approximately $700 depending on your retailer. This price does not include extra hose lengths (beyond the 10m provided) and also does not include adaptors for all types of pool.

You may have to purchase an adapter in order to get this machine hooked up to your pump, which will add a bit to the overall cost.

Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus - FAQ

How Do You Speed Up A Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner?

The Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus is a suction-side powered cleaner, meaning it operates based on the suction provided by your pool’s pump. In order to increase the operation speed of your Kreepy Krauly cleaner, you may turn your pool’s pump to a higher setting.

Always consult your product’s instruction manual before adjusting the settings on your pool pump.

Most cleaners have ideal settings that should be followed in order to achieve the most appropriate level of cleaning. In some cases, using the wrong pump flow rate may damage your cleaner.

Can My Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus Be Left In The Pool?

Yes, your Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus can be left in the pool when it is not in use. There are a couple small exceptions to this.

For example, if you need to treat your pool with strong chemicals, including shock treatments, you should remove your machine during these periods.

Additionally, you may want to remove your machine from the pool when swimmers are present so that the hose from the cleaner does not obstruct your pool environment.

Final Thoughts - Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus Review

The Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus is a fairly good pool cleaner that costs more money than several other suction-side cleaners on the market today.

Although this machine will be beyond the budget for many, we recommend this machine to anyone who can afford to make an investment in this price range due to the consistently positive customer reviews that this product receives.

Price Comparison - Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus

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