How Close Can A Pool Be To A House?

How Close Can A Pool Be To A House In Australia? Min Setback

Constructing a swimming pool is a complex process. With the help of a professional team of builders, you must plan to install your swimming pool at a safe distance away from your home, property boundary, and other negotiable zones.

In this article, we will discuss the minimum distance for having your pool close to your house foundation and why these restrictions are in place.

How Close Can A Pool Be To A House In Australia?

The guidelines for the required amount of clearance between your swimming pool and your home’s foundation vary by state and local council. Most of these regulations require a 3-metre distance between your pool and the walls of your house, including underground.

Ultimately, it is hard to provide a precise measurement for this that can apply to all situations because this minimum pool setback from house distance is determined by a factor known as the “zone of influence”.

This factor is calculated using technical information about your pool’s plans, your home’s construction, the proposed depth of your pool, the type of soil you are building in, the angle of decline, and more.

Despite regulations that must be followed, your builder will ultimately decide how close you can put your pool to your home, so it is best to contact them about this if you have concerns.

Why Can’t A Pool Be Close To A House?

The walls of your home contain electrical elements that can pose a safety and fire hazard when near water.

Additionally, this minimum space is observed to prevent excavations for your pool project from harming your home’s foundation. Overall, both your pool and your home remain more stable if more space is left between these structures.


Pools typically have to be at least three metres away from the walls of your home in Australia. In some cases, this figure may be smaller due to unique circumstances that affect your proposed pool’s zone of influence.

Overall, this minimum distance will be determined by the contractor you hire to build your pool.

Do you have questions about how close a pool can be to a house foundation? Get in touch with us in the contact section, we’ll do our best to help you out!

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