Mustard Algae Algaecide

Algaecide For Mustard Algae - Which Is Best?

Algaecides seem to come in many different kinds. Because mustard algae can be one of the most difficult types of algae to remove from your pool, it’s no surprise that you want to get your hands on the type of algaecide that is most effective against this strain of algae in particular.

In this article, we will discuss how algaecide for mustard algae differs from other algaecides. We also include a few of our top recommendations for algaecide products that may be helpful if you are dealing with a mustard algae infestation in your pool.

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Algaecides For Mustard Algae

While the use of algaecides is a mandatory part of mustard algae treatment due to the chlorine-resistance of this strain, there are not typically algaecides available that target this variety of algae alone.

Although some algaecide products mention being tough on mustard algae, these products contain varied combinations of the same ingredients that are effective on all algae strains: organocopper, chelated copper complexes, and quaternary ammonium disinfectant compounds, sometimes referred to as ‘quats’ for short.

Just because there are no active ingredients in an algaecide targeted specifically towards mustard algae does not mean these products are ineffective.

Most algaecides that advertise themselves as being highly effective on mustard algae will have been tested on this strain by the product manufacturer and have yielded favourable results in laboratory settings.

Zodiac Pool Power Algaecide

Zodiac Pool Power Algaecide contains both copper-based compounds and ammonia-based sanitising compounds. This product is sold in a 2.5 litre jug, and 500mL of product should be used per every 10,000L of pool water.

Compared to other solutions, more of this solution must be added to your pool to introduce the same amount of anti-algae ingredients. However, due to the abundance of solution, it is easier to distribute this product across the pool and it tends to mix into your water faster.

For this reason, Zodiac Pool Power Algaecide makes the best choice for combating widespread, active algae infestations.

Lo-Chlor Algaway Algaecide

Lo-Chlor Algaway Algaecide contains copper compounds and ammonia compounds. This formula is more concentrated than the previous product, requiring 1L per every 50,000L of pool water. This product is available in a 1L jug.

This algaecide makes the best choice for those with saltwater pools. While compatible with almost all sanitizer types (with the exception of ionisers), this algaecide has a lower mineral content which reduces the chances of copper stains forming in saltwater pools.

This algaecide makes a great option for both treatment and preventative care. One dose of this algaecide can prevent algae for a three month period.

Algon Hotzone Algaecide

Algon Hotzone Algaecide contains copper salts and benzyl ammonium chloride. This formula has a similar concentration to Lo-Chlor’s algaecide, requiring 1L per every 50,000L of pool water and being sold in a 1L jug.

This algaecide makes the best choice for those in particularly warm climates or with heated pools.

If your pool water is consistently warm, this can lead to the breakdown of certain chemical compounds that tackle algae.

Algon Hotzone Algaecide is made specifically with ammonium compounds that are more heat-resistant, allowing this product to last longer than others in heated water conditions.

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