AstralPool Viron V25

Astral Viron V25 & V35 Salt Chlorinator Review + Prices

👍The Good:Self-cleaning salt cell, bluetooth connectivity
👎The Bad:Power control board fails often, bluetooth has small range, chlorine production is inadequate
🔍Verdict:Not recommended
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Product Comparison Table - AstralPool Viron V25

Before we dive into the review, let's take a look at the main specs for this product, and how it compares to other similar models.

NameAstralPool Viron V25AstralPool Viron V35
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Astral Viron V25 & V35 Salt Chlorinator Review

The Astral Viron V25 & V35 chlorinators are mid-to-upper range machines that offer premium features such as bluetooth connectivity.

Although these machines have premium features and are not the most-budget friendly in terms of price, you may be wondering, are the Astral Viron V25 & V35 chlorinators really worth buying?

In this Astral Viron V25 & V35 review we will discuss the pros and cons of this machine.

We will also discuss its design, chlorination performance, build quality, and warranty coverage in addition to answering some frequently asked questions about this product to help you decide if it makes a good choice for you and your pool.

Pros & Cons


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Self-cleaning salt cell
  • Transparent housing for salt cell


  • Power control board fails often
  • Bluetooth connectivity issues
  • Poor customer service
  • Can fail to produce adequate chlorine


The Astral Viron V25 & V35 features a modern-looking silver and black control board and an in-line salt cell with transparent housing, making it easy to see whether or not your electrolysis plates need to be cleaned.

Available in two sizes, the V25 can fit pools up to 96,000 litres in volume while the V35 is suited to pools no larger than 130,000 litres.

In warmer climates, the maximum volume for pools changes to 60,000 litres for the V25 and 80,000 litres for the V35. These chlorinators work well in both salt water pools and mineral pools.

This chlorinator comes equipped with user-friendly touchpad operated controls and standard self-cleaning features in the salt cell. The Astral Viron V25 & V35 also includes pool and spa dosing controls as well as a filter backwash timer.

What sets this chlorinator apart from the rest is its bluetooth compatibility, which allows pool owners to fine tune their machine’s settings from their smartphone.

Astral Viron Chlorinator Control Panel

Chlorination Performance

The Astral Viron V25 & V35 chlorinators offer timer features and a variety of production modes to produce the right amount of chlorine that your pool needs.

With a maximum pool volume of 130,000 litres for pools in cooler climates, most residential pool owners will be able to select a size of this machine that adequately suits the size of their pool.

Each size of the Astral Viron V25 & V35 chlorinator has a different standard chlorine production rate. The V25 produces chlorine at a rate of 25g/hour, while the V35 produces 35g/hour.

The operating salt level of this machine ranges from 3,000-8,000 ppm, with an ideal operating level of 4,000 ppm.

If your pool’s salinity drops below the minimum level of 3,000 ppm, your chlorinator will stop performing electrolysis and your control panel should display a ‘low salt’ error message.

Astral Viron Chlorinator

Build Quality & Warranty

Astral Viron V25 & V35 Problems

The Astral Viron V25 & V35 experiences a host of problems related to the build quality of the machine. The most commonly reported problem is that the power control board experiences failures and needs to be replaced.

Many users of this machine report that this piece needs to be replaced as soon as six months into using the machine, and that this piece of the assembly is not covered by warranty.

Other users suggest that this chlorinator fails to produce adequate amounts of chlorine, but while reviews mentioning this are common, some users are happy with its chlorine production performance.

Some customers are upset by the bluetooth compatibility feature, stating that the range of connectivity is insufficient to the point where you need to be next to the control board to use the bluetooth controls.

These reports are not as widespread, suggesting that they could be related to the bluetooth connectivity settings on some users’ smart devices.

Astral Viron V25 & V35 Warranty

The Astral Viron V25 & V35 come with a three-year limited warranty. This warranty is longer than the industry standard of two years, but often offers consumers a false sense of security. Many issues are not covered under the warranty of the machine.

Additionally, the AstralPool customer service department are often described by customers as being quite poor. Many customers report being unable to get a hold of the company for service questions or warranty claims.

Some users also report that the Astral customer service phone lines for Australia have been disconnected.

Those who can get in contact with customer service often have to wait a week or two to receive a response, and many responses include attempts by Astral to avoid liability for their products as much as possible. \

In short, this company will not happily or easily replace parts that fail, even if they are still under warranty. This drastically decreases the value of the warranty, despite its long length.

Astral Viron V25 & V35 Salt Chlorinator Price

The Astral Viron V25 & V35 chlorinators are in the mid-to-upper price range when compared to other chlorinators available on the market today. The Astral Viron V25 costs about $1,900, while the V35 size costs around $2,400.

Astral Viron V25 & V35 - FAQ

How Do I Reset My Astral Viron V25 & V35 Chlorinator?

To reset your Astral Viron V25 & V35 chlorinator, cycle through the different questions after entering the installation menu.

The eighth option should read “Reset system?” and then you can select the option “Yes” from the menu. This reset should only be performed if your unit encounters an error that cannot be cleared through other means.

How Do I Clean My Astral Viron V25 & V35 Salt Cell?

To clean your machine’s salt cell, drain it of water and disconnect it from its housing. Follow the instructions provided in the user manual to disconnect the cell’s wiring, and then prepare the unit for cleaning.

Salt cells typically need to be cleaned with hydrochloric acid, a highly corrosive substance that is capable of causing chemical burns to the skin. Always handle hydrochloric acid with great care to reduce the risk of injury.

Final Thoughts - Astral Viron V25 & V35 Review

While the Astral Viron V25 & V35 chlorinators offer premium features like bluetooth connectivity at a more premium price point, we find the general chlorination performance of these machines to be subpar.

Many consumer reviews mention that this machine fails to produce adequate chlorine in the first place. Additionally, there are too many widely reported issues with the build quality of the power control board available for us to recommend this product.

Price Comparison - AstralPool Viron V25

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