Pool Surface Area Calculator for Australia

This swimming pool surface area calculator is the most comprehensive in Australia. It can calculate the surface area for rectangular/square, circular/oval and kidney shaped pools.

Simply enter your pool type, length and width, and instantly get shown your pool surface area in square metres.

This can be useful for calculating pool volume, fill time, or evaporation loss, the surface area is an important thing that every pool owner should be aware of.

Surface Area Calculator

Pool Surface Area: 0.00 m²

Benefits of knowing your pool surface area

There's a lot to consider when it comes to pool maintenance in Australia, and the more you know about your pool, the better equipped you will be to properly handle it all.

Knowing your pool's surface area will help you calculate the pool volume, rate of water loss to evaporation, how long it will take to fill your pool, heat loss during winter, chlorine loss rates and a whole lot more!

Use the calculator above to find out the surface area of your pool simply and easily! The animated diagram makes it easy to confirm that you have correctly entered the dimensions of your pool.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that this pool surface area calculator is meant as a rough approximation only. To find out the actual surface area of your pool, contact your pool manufacturer/builder.

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