Zodiac TRi-XO Crossover Compact

Zodiac TRi-XO Chlorinator Review - A Good Buy? + Prices

👍The Good:Great chlorination, compatible with mineral or salt water, self-cleaning, multiple settings available
👎The Bad:Poor customer service, breaks near the end of the three-year warranty period
🔍Verdict:Only recommended if you are happy to fully replace it in three years
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Product Comparison Table - Zodiac TRi-XO Crossover Compact

Before we dive into the review, let's take a look at the main specs for this product, and how it compares to other similar models.

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Zodiac TRi-XO Chlorinator Review

The Zodiac TRi-XO Chlorinator is a modern chlorinator that offers users the ability to switch between salt pools and mineral pools with ease.

Available in three sizes to fit a variety of swimming pools, this chlorine generator is priced in the mid-range which makes it appealing to many pool owners. But are the prices of these chlorinators worth what you get?

In this article, we will review the pros and cons of the Zodiac TRi-XO Chlorinator while discussing important features of its design, chlorination performance, build quality, and warranty.

We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about this model of chlorinator to help you determine if it would make the right fit for your pool.

Pros & Cons


  • Compatible with salt and mineral pools
  • Self-cleaning salt cell
  • Three-year warranty
  • Available in three different sizes


  • Experiences issues at end of warranty period
  • Substandard product life expectancy


The Zodiac TRi-XO Chlorinator is a sturdy, black, saltwater chlorine generator that is available in three sizes. The Compact size can handle pools up to 40,000L, the Mid does pools up to 70,000L, and the Large can chlorinate pools up to 100,000L in volume.

Each of these sizes has a different default chlorine production rate, ensuring that your pool receives the right amount of chlorine regardless of its size.

This chlorinator offers a boost feature, which provides super chlorination in times of need such as during pool parties or after other large events.

Additionally, these models are equipped with a low/spa mode, allowing you to reduce chlorine production as needed, such as when the pool is covered with a thermal blanket.

Zodiac TRi-XO Controller

Chlorination Performance

The Zodiac TRi-XO Chlorinator is a mid-priced saltwater chlorine generator. Offering self-cleaning features (meaning less time spent cleaning it with acid), this model comes complete with reverse polarisation electrode plates which combat the buildup of scale and reduces required maintenance.

With a maximum pool volume of 100,000L for the largest size of this machine, there is a size available to fit almost every consumer need.

Each size of this machine has a different chlorine production rate to suit the size of the pool it is intended for. The Compact Zodiac TRi-XO Chlorinator produces chlorine at a rate of 18g/hr, while the Mid and Large sizes produce 25g/hr and 35g/hr respectively.

This is adequate for most pools (unless you have chronically low chlorine) and is comparable to other chlorinator models by different manufacturers.

This model of chlorinator works best with a pool salinity level of 4,000 ppm (parts per million) but has a maximum salinity threshold of 10,000 ppm.

Another great feature of the Zodiac TRi-XO Chlorinator is that it can be used in salt pools or mineral pools, allowing pool owners to experience the benefits of mineral water if they so choose.

Zodiac TRi-XO Salt Cell
Zodiac TRi-XO Salt Cell

Build Quality & Warranty

Zodiac TRi-XO Chlorinator Problems

There are no specific problems with the build quality of the Zodiac TRi-XO Chlorinator. However, this chlorinator range has a fairly short product life expectancy despite this lack of faulty parts.

Near the expiration of the three-year warranty period, most consumers experience failure of their machine.

The damage and faults that occur as your chlorinator approaches this time frame are very costly relative to the total price of the machine, so it can be a waste of money to invest in repairs once the warranty has ended.

Most consumers report that this chlorinator works fantastic up until the three-year mark, at which point it breaks.

Because saltwater chlorine generators last 3-7 years on average, this is not an incredibly short product life expectancy. However, as this machine is not exactly a budget option, we would ideally expect it to last until around the 5-year mark without any major issues.

Zodiac TRi-XO Chlorinator Warranty

The Zodiac TRi-XO Chlorinator has a three-year warranty, which is the average length of warranty for saltwater chlorine generators on the market today.

Many consumers report not being satisfied with the warranty, which is likely because the machine experiences catastrophic failure around the time the warranty is set to expire.

Additionally, many consumer reviews mention that Zodiac’s customer service is unhelpful.

With delayed and unhelpful responses, and a failure to take responsibility for products damaged while still under warranty, interacting with this customer service team proves to be a bit of a gamble.

Zodiac TRi-XO Salt Cell
Zodiac TRi-XO Salt Cell

Zodiac TRi-XO Chlorinator Price

The Zodiac TRi-XO Chlorinator Compact has a price tag of about $1,150, increasing to $1,300 for the Mid, and $1,600 for the Large size. This makes this range of chlorinators mid-priced, as chlorine generators tend to range from $700-$2,500 on average.

Zodiac TRi-XO Chlorinator - FAQ

How Do I Reset My Zodiac TRi-XO Chlorinator?

To reset your Zodiac TRi-XO Chlorinator, press and hold the up and down arrow buttons simultaneously for a few seconds and then release them. You should then see the startup screen, indicating that the chlorinator has been reset.

For more detailed instructions, consult the Zodiac Tri Chlorinator manual.

Resetting your Zodiac TRi-XO Chlorinator will clear all settings and timers from the machine and will also temporarily reset any warning messages that were previously appearing.

It should be noted that if issues with your machine are not fixed before performing a reset, you will likely begin to receive warning messages again soon after the machine reboots.

How Long Does A Zodiac TRi-XO Chlorinator Last?

The Zodiac TRi-XO Chlorinator tends to last for about three years. While a few users report owning theirs until the five-year mark, most customers experience significant issues and breakage with their machine as it nears three years of age.

Final Thoughts - Zodiac TRi-XO Chlorinator Review

The Zodiac TRi-XO Chlorinator is not a terrible choice for a pool chlorinator, but better options are available.

Although there are no known build problems with this machine, and it tends to work fine for the first few years of service, it is simply not long-lasting enough for us to give it a high rating.

Especially when considering the price point of this machine, we would hope that its product life would be longer than the length of the warranty period.

Price Comparison - Zodiac TRi-XO Crossover Compact

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