Dolphin S200

Maytronics Dolphin S200 Review - Worth It In Aus? Prices

👍The Good:Cleans well, good customer service, easy to use
👎The Bad:Prone to breaking near end of warranty, doesn't clean steps
🔍Verdict:Recommended, so long as you are aware of the expected lifespan
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Product Comparison Table - Dolphin S200

Before we dive into the review, let's take a look at the main specs for this product, and how it compares to other similar models.

NameDolphin S200Dolphin S100
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Maytronics Dolphin S200 Review - Worth It In Aus? Prices

The Maytronics Dolphin S200 is a mid-range, mid-sized robotic pool cleaner that is comparable in price to similar machines by other brands. When so many of these machines cost a similar amount, it can be difficult to determine which models are actually worth the money.

In this Maytronics Dolphin S200 review, we discuss the pros and cons of this cleaner, compare it to similar cleaners, and answer some common questions about this model of pool cleaner to help you decide if it would make the right choice for you.

Pros & Cons


  • Cleans small and large debris effectively
  • Deep scrubbing of walls and waterline
  • Sleek design and colour scheme
  • Easy to transport and operate
  • Good service from Maytronics


  • Unreliable as it ages
  • Not intended for steps, ledges, tanning benches
  • Cable can develop problems if not stored properly
  • Prone to needing expensive repairs
  • Often breaks after warranty period


The Maytronics Dolphin S200 is a sleek, mid-weight robotic pool cleaner for pools that are no more than 15 metres in length. With an 18m long cable, this machine is designed for in-ground pools specifically, and is compatible with most pool linings.

This model runs a 2 hours cleaning cycle and comes equipped with two different grades of filter, one rated for 70 microns which works best with large debris, and one rated for 50 microns which works better on smaller debris. Many reviews state that this machine’s filter canister is easy to remove, empty, and replace.

Dolphin S200 Filter
Dolphin S200 Filter

At 7.5 kilograms, this machine is mid-range in terms of weight. Most users will be able to lift this robotic cleaner in and out of the pool with ease, but if you have difficulties lifting for any reason, you may want to consider a lighter machine.

Note that it does not come with a caddy by default (unlike models like the Zodiac TX35), but rather it must be purchased as an extra and typically costs more than $300.

Cleaning Performance

Most users of the Maytronics Dolphin S200 agree that it cleans excellently and works well with both small and large debris. It should be noted that the finer-grade filter basket is rated to capture particles no smaller than 50 microns in diameter.

While this is effective for most pool owners, if you have issues with pollen, dust, or sand, this machine may not be the best option.

Many other robotic cleaners available on the market have filters rated to capture debris no smaller than 20 microns in diameter, so better options are available for pool owners experiencing fine debris.

If you are looking for a robot to clean your steps and other ledges in your pool, you may want to look into other models of pool cleaner.

The manual for this model encourages users to sweep debris from these areas to the bottom of your pool before the cleaning cycle to ensure that they can be picked up effectively.

According to a Maytronics representative, “Our Dolphin robots are not programmed to clean steps, benches, and tanning ledges.”

Their comment goes on to explain that this robot can only function in water that is a minimum of 40mm deep and on ledges/stairs that are wide enough to support both movement tracks of the machine.

In saying this, it is still able to clean the walls and waterline of your pool.

Dolphin S200 Wall Climbing
Dolphin S200 Wall Climbing

Power Specifications

The Maytronics Dolphin S200 has a power consumption of 180 Watts, meaning that the 2 hour cleaning cycle uses a total of 360 Watt hours.

This is slightly more energy consumption per cleaning cycle when compared to cleaners of a similar size, but will still save you significant amounts of energy compared to using a suction pool cleaner (which requires the pump to be on while in operation).

Build Quality & Warranty

Maytronics Dolphin S200 Problems

The biggest problem with the Maytronics Dolphin S200 is that it tends to break near or shortly after the warranty period ends. The failures that occur at this time are often related to the moisture seal on the motor unit, and this piece can require repairs that cost $500 or more.

In regards to the lifespan of this machine, a Maytronics representative said that their “...robots have an expected run time of approximately 500 hours prior to servicing being required.”

If you do the maths in regards to a 2 hour cleaning cycle, this means that you will get approximately 250 cleaning cycles from your machine before it has an increased likelihood of needing repairs.

Some users note that this model of pool cleaner can encounter issues with the cord tangling. While this is unlikely to happen during normal operation due to the swivel-equipped port where the cable attaches to the robot, it can occur easily if this swivel unit becomes impacted or jammed.

It is essential to store your machine and its cord properly to avoid damaging it. Proper water chemistry also ensures the longevity of these elements. If your cord becomes tangled at any point, it should be straightened out and left to dry in the sun.

Leaving your cord tangled up for a length of time can cause the material to hold this shape, which may eventually necessitate a cord replacement.

Maytronics Dolphin S200 Warranty

The warranty period for the Maytronics Dolphin S200 is two years. However, we find that certain parts of this warranty may be insufficient.

For example, water entering the motor unit is a catastrophic failure that requires an expensive replacement, but this type of failure is not covered under the limited warranty for this machine.

Most customers who have had their robotic cleaner serviced note that Maytronics customer service is extremely helpful, professional, and understanding.

Compared to other manufacturers of robotic pool cleaners, Maytronics products receive considerably more positive reviews for quality of customer service.

Dolphin S200 Best Price

The Maytronics Dolphin S200 has a mid-to-upper range price tag of around $1,800. This is slightly more expensive than similar robotic pool cleaners by other brands, but despite its drawbacks, this machine still has significantly more positive reviews.

Maytronics Dolphin S200 - FAQ

How Long Will A Dolphin Pool Cleaner Last?

A Dolphin pool cleaner will last for approximately 500 hours of run time before needing repairs. This information comes directly from a Maytronics representative.

This lifespan will likely be shortened if the machine is not cared for and stored properly according to instructions in the owner’s manual.

Who Makes The Dolphin S200?

The Dolphin S200 is made by Maytronics, an Israel-based company with subsidiaries and products distributed worldwide. Maytronics has been a reliable name in the robotic pool cleaning industry since 1983.

Final Thoughts - Maytronics Dolphin S200 Review

The Maytronics Dolphin S200 is a machine that is relatively affordable and well-made.

While it does not have the most premium features available on the market and may break as it approaches the end of the warranty period, the manufacturer is straightforward about the expectations of the product rather than attempting to falsely advertise longevity.

Compared to cleaners of a similar price point, this machine is far superior in terms of customer service quality and also receives more positive reviews on average.

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Price Comparison - Dolphin S200

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