Astral ZX Cartridge Filter Is Leaking - How To Fix It?

Astral ZX Cartridge Filter Is Leaking - How To Fix It?

Astral pool equipment is manufactured by the Fluidra Group, who provide a wide array of filters, pump units, and other cleaning accessories.

Just like equipment produced by other manufacturers, some components of Astral filters may become worn out with regular use and may fail eventually.

In this article we cover the most common causes of a leaking Astral ZX Cartridge Filter and provide our recommended steps to finding a solution to this problem on your own.

Why Is My Astral ZX Cartridge Filter Leaking?

Astral ZX cartridge style filters, like all other types of pool filter, are prone to developing leaks as they age.

This most commonly occurs when pieces of the filter housing that are meant to be air and water-tight wear out, losing their ability to maintain a proper seal.

When this happens, your filter cartridge may begin to leak, which can reduce its operating capacity and puts other nearby equipment at risk.

How To Fix Leaking Astral ZX Cartridge Filter

The most common causes of a leaking Astral ZX cartridge filter are worn out o-rings near the top of the filter housing. This may be the lid o-ring, the lid gaskets, or another piece within the locking ring mechanism that makes up the top outer portion of the filter unit.

To diagnose your specific issue involving broken parts, shut your pump unit off entirely and begin to disassemble the unit by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Using the parts map provided, identify the piece of your filter unit that is malfunctioning. If you cannot find a parts map for your machine, you may be able to find one online.

Once you have found and identified any broken components, you should order replacement parts.

You can purchase spare parts for the Astral ZX Cartridge Filter at a variety of online pool stores. Once your spare parts arrive, take care to replace them by following any manufacturer provided instructions.

If you prefer to learn by watching someone else, you can find videos online of certain elements of these pool pumps being fixed and/or replaced. After replacing any broken parts, reassemble your filter unit and turn the power back on.

If your unit is still covered under warranty, you may be able to get it repaired by Astral. However, while they do provide a 5 year warranty for these units, the warranty on the o-rings and gasket seals are just 1 year.

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