Coloured Concrete As Pool Surround

Coloured Concrete As Pool Surround - Is It Worth It?

When selecting a material to serve as your pool surrounds, you have many options to choose from. From exposed aggregate to paving stones to more types of concrete than you may have ever known existed, you may feel overwhelmed by choices.

In this article, we will discuss what coloured concrete pool surrounds look like and what the distinct strengths and weaknesses of this type of concrete are.

What Does Colored Concrete Around A Pool Look Like?

Coloured concrete is a simple form of concrete with an unexpected twist.

It has the same texture and appearance that you imagine when you think of typical concrete, and it does not include any surface preparations or design inclusions. It does, however, incorporate pigments into the cement mixture to create a range of colours.

The way that coloured concrete looks around a pool will depend largely on the chosen colour and how well this fits in with the rest of your pool’s landscaping.

Because the colours of this concrete type are variable, you can create a variety of aesthetics with it, from something more bright and funky to something more earth-toned with a modern feel.

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Coloured Concrete



This type of concrete has the same naturally-gritty texture as plain concrete when it is fully set and cured. This produces a finished surface that is naturally non-slip, even in wet conditions.


This type of concrete costs around $75-$110 per square metre, making it one of the cheapest pool coping materials available that isn’t entirely plain. In fact, this is only about $10 more expensive per square metre than plain concrete, on average.


Coloured concrete is fairly customisable in terms of the hues that can be achieved. Because of this, it can go nicely with any pool landscaping theme that you can think of.


Coloured concrete is typically as strong as plain concrete. This means that it can last for anywhere from thirty to one hundred years.

Like other outdoor coping surfaces, coloured concrete should be washed regularly using a high-powered hose nozzle to remove debris that accumulates in the grit of the surface.



If you choose too strong of a colour for your pool’s surrounds, this element of your pool’s landscaping will become overwhelming.

Although you can achieve fairly bright colours with coloured concrete, it’s important to consider how well your design choices will stand the test of time.


Coloured concrete is a slightly more creative take on traditional, plain concrete and offers more customizability than honed concrete.

This concrete is mixed with powerful and long-lasting pigments to give it the colour of your choice.

This coping option is mixed and set by professionals, but does not receive any finishing treatments. This means that it retains the classic concrete texture that you are familiar with.

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