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Non-Slip Tiles Around Swimming Pool - Which Are Best?

Pool coping is one of the many elements you must choose when finishing the pool-building process. The materials that are used to directly surround your pool create the walkway that will be most commonly used by swimmers, so it’s important to choose an adequate surface.

In this article, we will discuss why non-slip surfaces around a swimming pool are important as well as what the best non-slip tiles are for around pools in Australia.

Why Are Non-Slip Surfaces Around A Swimming Pool Important?

Non-slip surfaces around your pool are important because they keep your pool area safe. Smooth tiles without grip can become a safety hazard when wet; slippery tiles around pools typically lead to falls, and these can have serious consequences.

Non-slip tiles around a pool are designed with this fall hazard in mind. To prevent this dangerous condition from occurring around your pool, these surfaces are manufactured with gritty materials that provide strong grip without feeling too rough on your feet.

What Are The Best Non-Slip Tiles For Around Pools?

The best non-slip tiles for around pools have a grip strength of R10 or R11 (this is also equivalent to P4 or P5 for wet surfaces). Many tile manufacturers or producers of outdoor paving stones will carry collections of non-slip tiles that are suitable for pool surrounds.

Swiss Grip

One great choice for non-slip pool tiles is these non-slip travertine tiles made by SwissGrip.

These are simply one option for a stylish outdoor flooring solution that will prevent swimmers and poolside loungers alike from falling on wet pavement. These pavers have made a popular choice for years due to their aesthetic, and now they are available in a non-slip form!

Ceramics International

If you are looking for a wider choice of colours, we recommend checking out the tile selection at Ceramics International. Using the filters, you can select the grip strengths of R10 or R11 to view the tiles that they have in stock meeting these non-slip criteria.

The Pool Tile Company

The Pool Tile Company also has a large selection of non-slip tiles for you to choose from.

Some choices provided by this manufacturer can simulate grates or cobblestone surfaces if this is something that matches your theme. They also have tiles that simulate sandstone, marble, and granite.


Slippery tiles around pools are dangerous because they can often lead to falls that are capable of causing serious injuries. To prevent this, it’s important to get non-slip tiles if you are seeking a more decorative option for your pool’s coping.

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