Lo-Chlor Miraclear Liquid Clarifier 1L

Lo-Chlor Miraclear Liquid Clarifier 1L

🧪Dose:500mL per 50,000L

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What Is Lo-Chlor Miraclear Liquid Clarifier?

Lo-Chlor Miraclear Liquid Clarifier is a pool clarifier that comes in a 1L size.

It acts to clump together suspended debris in your pool into particles large enough to be removed by your filter. Unlike a flocculant, it won't create dense particles that settle out at the bottom of your pool and which need vacuuming.

This particular clarifier consists of about 5-10% polymer resin. It has minimal impact on pH and is designed to work with all pool types and surfaces.

How Much Should I Dose?

Lo-Chlor recommend dosing 500mL per 50,000L of pool water.

If your pool water is especially cloudy and you think that 500mL of this clarifier won't cut it, consider using a flocculant instead.

As with all clarifiers, this product is well suited to pools that are mildly cloudy, or those without a line for vacuuming to waste (which means that flocking will be difficult).

Are There Any Risks With Using Lo-Chlor Miraclear Liquid Clarifier?

Every time you use clarifier in your pool, you send more particles to your filter for removal. These particles get trapped in the filter media, and the remaining clean water passes through the filter.

After using clarifier, keep a close eye on your filter pressure gauge, and backwash your filter once the pressure exceeds the level recommended by the manufacturer.

Failure to backwash your filter will lead to poor filtration and circulation of water through your pool, which can in turn lead to algae and bacteria outbreaks.

This is the main risk associated with excessive use of the Miraclear Liquid Clarifier.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Yes. The Algon Clarifier and Zodiac Clarifier (both available in 1L bottles) are two popular alternatives to the Miraclear Liquid Clarifier. They both use cationic polymers to clarify your water.