Lo-Chlor Multi Stain Remover 1kg

Lo-Chlor Multi Stain Remover 1kg

Type:Stain Remover
⚛️Ingredient:Sulfamic, oxalic and organic acids
🧪Dose:1kg per 50,000L

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What Is Lo-Chlor Multi Stain Remover?

Lo-Chlor Multi Stain Remover is an all-in-one stain remover that is designed to get rid of both metal and organic stains. It can tackle everything from copper, manganese, iron and rust stains, right through to algae, leaf and mould stains.

It consists of a variety of acids, including sulfamic acid, oxalic acid and a secret organic acid in roughly equal parts.

It comes in a 1kg size.

How Much Should I Dose?

Lo-Chlor state that a single 1kg bottle can treat up to 50,000L of pool water.

It can be applied directly to a stain, or added to the pool generally if staining is widespread.

For best results, the free chlorine should be lowered to below 1 ppm with a chlorine neutraliser prior to adding the stain remover.

Are There Any Risks With Using Lo-Chlor Multi Stain Remover?

Lo-Chlor urges caution when using their stain remover in vinyl pools, as it can presumably cause damage if applied directly to the liner.

If you have a vinyl liner pool, be sure to dissolve the stain remover in a bucket of water before applying it to the pool, or add it to a sock and suspend the sock over the stain for treating spot stains.

Once stain removal is complete, wait a while before adjusting the pH and alkalinity. Sudden increases in alkalinity can cause a cloudy pool and lead to the stain settling back out into the water again.

Are There Any Alternatives?

The Zodiac All-In-One Stain Remover is another popular stain remover that is capable of taking on just about any pool stain (including metal, rust, blackspot and algae stains). Much like the Lo-Chlor product, it also consists of organic acids.