Baracuda Gotcha

Baracuda Gotcha Review - Worth The Price Or Not? [2024]

👍The Good:Lightweight, power saving
👎The Bad:No swivel cord, poor cleaning quality, small issues with build
🔍Verdict:Not recommended
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Product Comparison Table - Baracuda Gotcha

Before we dive into the review, let's take a look at the main specs for this product, and how it compares to other similar models.

NameBaracuda GotchaBaracuda Captura Plus
Best Price

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Baracuda Gotcha Review - Worth The Price Or Not?

The Baracuda Gotcha is a mid-level robotic pool cleaner with pretty standard features. Although this cleaner is much more affordable than many cleaners on the market, you may be wondering: is the Baracuda Gotcha worth the price?

In this article we will discuss some pros and cons of the Baracuda Gotcha and review its design, cleaning performance, and build quality in comparison to other cleaners.

We also talk about the warranty information and price of this cleaner, and answer some frequently asked questions to help you decide if this model makes the right choice for your pool.

Pros & Cons


  • Fairly lightweight (5.5kg)
  • Climbs walls and cleans waterline
  • Works best with mid-to-large sized debris
  • Compatible with most pool linings


  • Power cord gets tangled due to lack of swivel port
  • Springs on the filter lid hatch are prone to breaking
  • May require multiple cycles to clean the pool
  • Can struggle to clean walls well


The Baracuda Gotcha is a lightweight robotic pool cleaner. At 5.5 kilograms, most pool owners will be able to lift this machine into and out of the pool with ease. With a cord length of 14 metres, this cleaner is rated for pools no larger than 8 x 4 metres in area.

This machine has a varied colour scheme, consisting of teal, white, black, and grey components, and also featuring a bright orange handle on the top of the machine. Compared to other machines, this colour scheme may stand out when the machine is in your pool.

The Baracuda Gotcha is designed for both inground and above ground pools, and is compatible with most types of pool lining, including pebblecrete, glass beads, fibreglass, concrete, vinyl, and quartzon. This machine is not compatible with tile pools.

Cleaning Performance

Equipped with a filter canister rated for 200 microns, this machine is best at picking up mid-to-large sized debris.

Due to the relatively large grade of filtration, small particles such as dirt, sand, dust, and pollen may not be picked up by this machine. The cleaning cycle of this machine lasts for 2.5 hours.

This machine is intended to climb the walls of your pool and clean the waterline. According to customer reviews, it often experiences difficulties climbing.

Even when this machine does climb, the cleaning performance on both the walls and the floors of the pool is somewhat subpar compared to many other cleaners available.

Power Specifications

The Baracuda Gotcha is marketed as an energy efficient cleaner, however, the manufacturer has not made the power specifications of this machine available to the public.

Heavier versions of this machine by the same manufacturer tend to use around 150 watts, which would equate to 375 watt hours of electricity per 2.5 hour cleaning cycle.

Seeing as the Baracuda Gotcha is drastically more lightweight than the model with this energy rating, we expect it to consume less energy per cycle than the estimation made above.

Build Quality & Warranty

Baracuda Gotcha Problems

One problem with the Baracuda Gotcha is that the power cord does not attach to the cleaner via a swivel port.

While no swivel port used to be standard among pool cleaners, most modern machines are equipped with a swivel port due to frustrated users complaining about how long it takes them to untangle the power cords.

Another problem with this machine is that certain elements of the build are brittle, such as the springs that keep the lid on the filter unit closed. According to customer reviews, these springs often break within the first year of the machine’s operation and will need to be replaced.

Overall, the biggest problem with the Baracuda Gotcha is that most users report that it has poor cleaning quality.

This is likely due to the low power rating for the motor it is equipped with, as well as the grade of filter basket, which is not great at removing dirt or other small debris. Many owners of this machine also report that the cleaner fails to climb walls effectively, and occasionally loses suction on these areas.

Baracuda Gotcha Warranty

The Baracuda Gotcha is equipped with a 2 year warranty by the manufacturer. This length of warranty is standard among most robotic pool cleaners, regardless of the brand name.

It should be noted that this 2-year warranty is often not ‘all-inclusive’, and may contain limitations regarding the repair or replacement of what are known to be consumable parts.


The Baracuda Gotcha is much more affordable than many other pool cleaners, with a price of approximately $1,399.

Despite the affordability of this product, many cheaper cleaners are available even still, potentially with more consistently positive reviews regarding the cleaning quality of the machine.

Baracuda Gotcha - FAQ

How Long Do Baracuda Pool Cleaners Typically Last?

Baracuda pool cleaners typically last for approximately two years before major service or replacement parts may be required. Some small pieces of the machine may break well before this period, and may or may not be covered under warranty depending on the part in question.

A life span of approximately two years is fairly average among most robotic pool cleaners on the market, including those produced by other manufacturers.

Why Does My Baracuda Pool Cleaner Keep Stopping?

If your Baracuda pool cleaner keeps stopping during the cleaning cycle, it is typically due to problems with the filter unit.

To fix this, shut the machine off and retrieve it from the pool. Then, empty the filter canister and thoroughly rinse it to ensure no small debris is blocking the mesh filtration panels.

You should also inspect the water intake ports of the machine as well as the impeller to make sure these are not jammed with debris. If this does not fix your issue, contact Baracuda customer support.

Final Thoughts - Baracuda Gotcha Review

Overall, the Baracuda Gotcha is an inexpensive and lightweight pool cleaner that is not worth the price. Regardless of price point, this machine consistently receives poor reviews about cleaning quality, which may be due to the strength of filtration and the underpowered impeller motor.

We do not recommend the Baracuda Gotcha for these reasons. Even though other machines of this price range experience similar problems, there are models available that will at least provide an effective cleaning cycle while they are functioning properly.

Consider the similarly priced Zodiac CX20 and Dolphin E10.

Price Comparison - Baracuda Gotcha

Let's compare the top suppliers out there in Australia for the Baracuda Gotcha.