Lo-Chlor Starver X 1L

Lo-Chlor Starver X 1L

Type:Phosphate Remover
⚛️Ingredient:Lanthanum Chloride
🧪Dose:33mL per 10,000L to remove 1ppm of phosphates

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What is Lo-Chlor Starver X?

Starver X is a swimming pool phosphate remover developed by Lo-chlor. It is the strongest phosphate remover in their range, after the original Starver and Starver M.

Its active ingredient is lanthanum chloride, a coagulant chemical that reacts with the phosphates in your water to form lanthanum chloride, a solid that can’t be consumed by algae, but which can be removed by your filter.

What dose should I add to my pool?

Starver X is capable of removing up to 1 ppm (1,000 ppb) of phosphates in every 10,000 L of pool water for every 33 mL you add.

If you have a 50,000 L pool with phosphates of 2 ppm that you want to reduce to 0.5 ppm, you will need to add about 250 mL of Starver X.

This is 33 mL x 5 x 1.5 = 250 mL.

It is designed especially for pools with high phosphate concentrations (greater than 2ppm). If you are considerably lower than this, Starver or Starver M may be a better choice.

Is phosphate remover the same as starver?

Yes. Starver is just a brand name developed by Lochlor for their products. Starver is one particular phosphate remover product.

Virtually all phosphate removers use lanthanum chloride as their active ingredient, so the only real difference between them is the concentration.

How does pool starver work?

Pool starver (aka phosphate remover) works by reacting with the phosphates in your water to form a solid compound that can’t be consumed by algae and bacteria.

This solid compound can, however, be removed by your filter, which ultimately lowers the concentration of phosphates in your water.

Phosphates are typically the limiting nutrient for algae and bacteria, by eliminating phosphates from your pool, you are ‘starving’ these microorganisms of their food source, hence the name!

Find out more in our guide on high phosphates in pools.

Because the phosphate remover is reacting to form a solid, it may make your water cloudy for a short period after dosing it. Simply wait for your filter to remove the solids from the water column and the water will clear up again.