Wood Look Tiles

Wood Look Tiles Around Pool - Good Idea? Pros & Cons

Pool coping is one of the many landscaping elements you must decide on when building a pool. There are a variety of materials that can be used to surround your pool, each with its own unique appearance, pros, and cons.

In this article, we will discuss wood-look tiles around pools, what these tiles are made from, their pros and cons, and what landscape themes they pair best with.

What Are Wood Look Tiles Made From?

As the name suggests, these tiles are not actually made from wood.

Wood-look tiles are most often made from glazed porcelain, but they can also be ceramic.

Porcelain is preferable because it is more durable, less porous, and less prone to breakage than ceramic, but it is a more expensive option.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Wood Look Tiles?


Easy Maintenance

Low-porosity wood-look tiles are very easy to clean. Because of the grippy texture, they must be scrubbed once or twice a year to maintain their appearance, but otherwise, they can be rinsed off with a strong hose to remove most debris.

Resistant To Wear

The durability of porcelain tiles means that your pool’s coping will be resistant to scratches and staining.


Wood-look tiles crafted from porcelain are extremely sturdy. Because they are dense, they repel water more easily than ceramic and are less prone to breakage.


Wood-look tiles are available to match many kinds and stains of wood. Because of this, there is likely a colour and style available to fit the theme of your pool. Wood-look tiles can add a naturally luxurious and sophisticated appeal to any area.


Not Always Non-Slip

Wood-look tiles are available for a wide variety of uses, with many of these being indoor purposes.

As such, many of these tiles are not designed to be non-slip when wet. When shopping for poolside tiles, always look for a grip rating of P4 or P5 (the equivalent of R10 and R11).

Hidden Costs

Wood-look tiles themselves tend to cost upwards of $40 per square metre for ceramic types or $70+ per square metre for porcelain.

These costs do not include the installation fees, or the necessary waterproof tiling epoxies/grout. These tiles must typically be applied to an existing concrete slab, which is expensive in itself. Overall, they cost much more than concrete coping.

Best Landscape Pairings For Wood Look Tiles

Wood-look tiles pair great with a variety of landscapes because of the wide selection of colours that is available.

Grey wood-look tiles work well with modern pool landscaping designs. These tiles are minimalist yet give off the same elegance as marble slabs without the high price point.

Deep-toned versions work great with modern and tropical-themed landscapes. This colour is especially well-complimented by plants with lush, dark-green foliage.

Lighter-toned tiles can pair with tropical landscapes and more homely themes. The bright wood grain of these tiles can add a more natural feel to outdoor places that may feel a bit too stoney or rigid.


Wood-look tiles make a great choice for pool coping. While this option can be much more expensive than other coping materials, it offers a lot of versatility, durability, and longevity compared to other premium options.

Do you have any questions about wood look tiles around a pool? Get in touch with us with any remaining queries, we’ll do our best to help you out!

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