Zodiac LM3-24

Zodiac LM3 Chlorinator Review - How Does It Stack Up? [2024]

👍The Good:Easy installation, self-cleaning features
👎The Bad:Poor chlorination performance, frequent breakage, short lifespan
🔍Verdict:Not recommended
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Product Comparison Table - Zodiac LM3-24

Before we dive into the review, let's take a look at the main specs for this product, and how it compares to other similar models.

NameZodiac LM3-24Zodiac LM3-40
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Zodiac LM3 Chlorinator Review

The Zodiac LM3 series of chlorinators represent a low-to-mid priced range of saltwater chlorine generators for residential swimming pools.

Although this series of chlorinators can be more affordable than other options on the market, how well does the Zodiac LM3 stack up against its competition?

In this article we will review the pros and cons of this chlorinator while also providing important information about the design, chlorination performance, build quality, and warranty of this machine in order to help you determine if it makes the right fit for you and your pool.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy installation and setup
  • Self-cleaning salt cell


  • Power control board breaks frequently
  • Insufficient chlorine production
  • Doesn’t allow adjustments to chlorine production levels
  • Poor customer care and warranty service
  • Not a long-lasting product


The Zodiac LM3 Chlorinator consists of a sleek, grey salt cell and a blue-coloured, mountable control board. There are two available sizes for this machine: the LM3-24 and the LM3-40.

The Zodiac LM3-24 chlorinator is suited for pools with a maximum volume of 80,000 litres, while the LM3-40 can handle pools up to 120,000 litres in volume.

This chlorinator comes with a digital time switch for continuous, automatic operation. It also has self-cleaning features which use electrode technology to reduce the amount of scale buildup within the salt cell of the machine.

This machine also offers a superchlorination setting. Once the superchlorination button is pressed, your chlorinator will maximise the output of chlorine for a 24 hour period before turning itself back to its normal setting automatically.

Chlorination Performance

The Zodiac LM3 chlorinator comes equipped with standard features, such as a superchlorination setting and a basic level of self-cleaning capabilities.

With a maximum pool volume of 120,000 litres, two sizes of this machine are available to suit the chlorination needs of your residential swimming pool.

Each size of this machine has a different chlorine production rate. The LM3-24 produces chlorine at a rate of 24g/hour, while the LM3-40 produces it at a faster rate of 40g/hour. The operating range of salinity for this machine ranges from 4,000-13,000ppm.

This is a much higher operating range than many other machines available on the market. Most other chlorinators have an average maximum pool salinity level of 6,000 ppm.

This chlorinator unfortunately does not live up to the expectations that it sets for itself. Most pool owners who have used the Zodiac LM3 chlorinator report that it does not produce enough chlorine for their pool.

Zodiac LM3 Control Panel

Build Quality & Warranty

Zodiac LM3 Chlorinator Problems

The biggest problem with the Zodiac LM3 chlorinator is that it doesn’t produce enough chlorine for most swimming pools. Even in pools that meet the operating guidelines for this machine, most users report insufficient amounts of chlorine production.

This machine also tends to break easily, especially a component known as the PCB or the power control board. It is unclear what causes this component to break, but almost every review of this product reports needing to have their PCB replaced.

The Zodiac LM3 chlorinator has been discontinued by the manufacturer, likely as a result of these issues.

Zodiac LM3 Chlorinator Warranty

The Zodiac LM3 offers a 2-year warranty, which is fairly standard among other chlorinators in the industry. Unfortunately, the warranty coverage on this machine does not live up to the hype.

Many customers report contacting Zodiac or Fluidra customer care in regards to warranty claims only to receive no response for weeks on end. In cases where responses are received, the customer service team does not seem to be working with customer satisfaction in mind.

Many warranty claims are rejected, and the process of making a claim can be so long and drawn out that some customers give up halfway through the process.

Zodiac LM3 Price

The Zodiac LM3 ranges in price from $900-$1,100 depending on the size of the machine that you purchase. While this price range is fairly affordable, the operating quality of this machine does not live up to the price point.

Zodiac LM3 Chlorinator - FAQ

How Long Does A Zodiac Chlorinator Last?

The Zodiac LM3 chlorinator tends to last for an average of two years. In saying this, many owners of this machine experience poor performance or broken parts much earlier than the two-year mark.

There are a couple of reports of users owning their Zodiac LM3 happily for up to six years, but these reviews are few and far between.

What Is Low Salt For The Zodiac LM3 Chlorinator?

According to the Zodiac LM3 manual, the minimum operating salinity for the Zodiac LM3 chlorinator is around 4,000 ppm.

If your pool’s saline content drops below 3,000 ppm while the chlorinator is operating, you risk damage to the salt cell component of the machine and failure of the chlorinator to maintain a sanitary environment in your pool.

Final Thoughts - Zodiac LM3 Chlorinator Review

Although the Zodiac LM3 chlorinator is available at a reasonable price point, that is the only reasonable thing about this machine.

With frequent breakage reported, poor consistency with chlorine production, and a short overall lifespan, it is easy to see why this model of chlorinator was discontinued by the manufacturer.

We recommend that you avoid the Zodiac LM3 chlorinator and save your money for a machine that offers better and more consistent performance.

Price Comparison - Zodiac LM3-24

Let's compare the top suppliers out there in Australia for the Zodiac LM3-24.