Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank

Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank Review - Worth It? Our Honest Opinion

👍The Good:Efficient clean, easy set-up, long lasting
👎The Bad:Not great with steps, struggles to climb walls, gets stuck on occasion
🔍Verdict:Recommended; good value for the price
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Product Comparison Table - Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank

Before we dive into the review, let's take a look at the main specs for this product, and how it compares to other similar models.

NameKreepy Krauly RX-TankKreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus
Best Price

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Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank Review - Worth It? Our Honest Opinion

The Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank is a budget-friendly option for those looking to purchase a new suction pool cleaner.

This machine is more affordable than others on the market, but you may be wondering: is a cheaper pool cleaning robot still worth investing in?

In this article, we cover the positive and negative features of this particular model of suction cleaner and compare its functionality to other similar models.

We’ll also answer some commonly asked questions to provide you with the information you need in order to decide if this model makes the right choice for your pool.

Pros & Cons


  • Hose is tangle-resistant
  • Easy to set-up for the first time
  • Easy to start cleaning cycles
  • Fairly long-lasting cleaner
  • Great cleaning of small and large debris


  • Not great with steps and ledges
  • Can struggle to climb walls in some pools
  • May need repairs during warranty period
  • Mixed reviews about quality of maintenance service
  • Can get stuck on occasion


The Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank is a lightweight, suction-side pool cleaner. This means that the cleaner drives itself around, but uses the suction provided by your pool’s pump in order to power itself and pick up debris.

This cleaner is fairly lightweight and is among the easiest models to handle in terms of size and weight. This model of Kreepy Krauly cleaner is for inground pools only, and is compatible with a variety of pool linings.

The Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank is capable of climbing walls and does not have a set duration of a cleaning cycle. Instead, you let the machine run until your pool is clean.

Kreepy Krauly rX-Tank

This cleaner has its own filter cartridge, but information is not provided by the manufacturer that indicates what micron rating this filter has, making it difficult to compare to other cleaners on this point.

The hose provided with this cleaner is 10 metres in length. If your pool is longer than 10 metres in length, this pool cleaning robot will not be able to cover your whole pool. You can purchase additional lengths of hose to solve this issue.

This cleaner has easy-to-follow setup instructions when preparing for its first use. Many reviews also mention how easy it is to start the cleaning cycle after this initial setup, and it is widely considered a low-maintenance cleaner.

Cleaning Performance

The Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank is great at cleaning most sizes of debris from the floor of the pool, including fine debris.

There are occasional reports of this machine getting stuck, but due to the overwhelming number of positive reviews we suspect that this is probably due to user error.

Most reviews of the Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank say that this cleaner performs fantastically and are very pleased with the quality of clean that it provides for the price.

Kreepy Krauly rX-Tank

This machine is intended to climb walls and therefore may be capable of cleaning some steps and ledges in your pool, so long as they are wide enough for the cleaner to stand on comfortably.

Some users note that the wall-climbing capabilities of this machine are somewhat sub-par, as it may occasionally fail to climb to the top of the wall and may also miss certain sections of the walls. These reports are rare, but worth mentioning.

Power Specifications

This cleaner works by using the water drawn into it through your pool’s pump system, therefore it does not have its own motor or its own power supply. For this reason, the power specifications of this machine are directly proportional to the power usage of your existing pool pump unit.

Generally speaking, suction side pool cleaners use much more power than robotic pool cleaners because pool pumps tend to use much more electricity than robotic pool cleaner motors.

Build Quality & Warranty

Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank Problems

There are only minor problems reported with the Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank, and these reports are not widespread.

One issue with this machine is that it can sometimes struggle to climb walls and steps, or even stop moving, usually due to a lack of suction or slippery pool surfaces.

Another downside to these machines is that they may require repairs while they are still under the warranty period. Luckily, these repairs should be at no-cost to you, but requiring repairs this early is not a sign of a long-lasting machine.

Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank Warranty

This robotic pool cleaner comes with a two year warranty, which is fairly standard among all pool cleaners in the industry regardless of whether they are robotic or suction-based.

Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank Price

The Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank has a price tag of approximately $850.

While this is slightly more expensive than other suction cleaners, this machine has a history of high satisfaction among customer reviews. It should be noted that this price is still significantly cheaper than most self-powered robotic pool cleaners.

Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank - FAQ

What’s The Difference Between The Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank And The Sprinta Plus?

The Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus is a more affordable model of cleaner. It is compatible with more pool types than the Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank, but also has a shorter warranty period of only one year.

The shape and smaller size of the Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus also makes it better suited to pools with complex shapes. According to the manufacturer’s website, this cleaner is good at navigating tight corners, including steps and ledges.

Can I Leave My Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank In The Pool?

According to the manufacturer’s website, the Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank can be kept in the pool when it is not in use, and this will not accelerate the ageing process or result in extra wear on the machine.

Due to the length of the hose attached to the machine, you may find it more convenient to remove your Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank while swimmers are present in order to enjoy your pool without the cleaner getting in the way.

Final Thoughts - Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank Review

The Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank is a great hybrid pool cleaner for those seeking a more automated approach to pool vacuuming.

With relatively consistent positive customer reviews for its cleaning performance, and not many widely reported issues with build quality, it is easy for us to recommend this model to those who may not be able to afford a more high-tech cleaner.

Price Comparison - Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank

Let's compare the top suppliers out there in Australia for the Kreepy Krauly RX-Tank.