Glass Bead Pool Finish Cost

Glass Bead Pool Finish Cost - How Much Is Beadcrete?

Glass bead pool interiors, also known as beadcrete, are gaining popularity for their dazzling appearance, vibrancy, and shine.

This surface is a much more expensive option than other options like pebblecrete, so you may be wondering, how much does getting a glass bead pool finish cost?

In this article, we will talk about what beadcrete is, why so many people prefer it to other pool interiors, and how much it costs to have beadcrete installed in your pool.

What Is Beadcrete?

Beadcrete is a pool interior choice that is applied to your pool’s outer shell in a similar way to pebblecrete. The difference is that beadcrete involves using small, coloured glass beads instead of pebbles.

When this pool surface is applied by professionals, the glass beads are mixed thoroughly into a quality cement or similar mortar, and then this mixture is spread on the shell of your pool. This process is done slowly and with great care as technicians work to make sure that there are no bubbles left behind.

After it is applied, this mixture is then allowed to cure and set. The initial curing phase takes around three hours, but your pool will need to be covered in plastic and left to sit in dry weather conditions for a minimum of 24-48 hours before it can be finished.

After the mixture has been fully set, experienced technicians use high-powered grinding equipment to sand off the outermost surface of the glass bead and cement mixture. This process reveals your new shining, polished, waterproof, and colourful pool interior.

What Are The Benefits Of Beadcrete Compared To Other Surfaces?

Beadcrete is comparable to pebblecrete, but unlike pebblecrete, the glass beads of beadcrete grant this pool surface a more pleasant texture. Beadcrete is said to be smoother, brighter, easier to clean, and more customizable than pebblecrete.

Glass bead pool finishes are preferred for their comfortable texture and their clean, vibrant appearance that can be dazzling in the sunlight. Beadcrete pools are often compared to fully-tiled pool interiors because they rival each other in elegance and luxury. Although the design is not as timeless as that of tile, beadcrete tends to be much more affordable.

When compared to regular concrete pools, beadcrete is a definite upgrade. Your pool will look amazing thanks to this smooth, shiny, and colourful surface.

How Much Does A Glass Bead Pool Finish Cost?

Glass bead pool finish tends to cost upwards of $105 per square metre. This would total around $3,360 for a pool that has 32 square metres of surface area, but this estimate can vary widely among beadcrete pools.

The price of having a beadcrete pool interior installed is dependent on the quality of the materials, labour, and equipment used to create it.

To get the most accurate estimate for the installation of a beadcrete pool surface, get in contact with an experienced resurfacing specialist.

The exact ratio and composition of beadcrete ingredients tend to vary between different businesses, so the cost of materials and labour will likely change.

Many businesses are willing to inspect your pool and offer a quote for free.

The beadcrete installation process has to be performed by professionals regardless, and pool surfacing companies are able to provide you with all the information you will need to make an informed purchase decision.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local pool company with any questions you may have.

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