Zodiac FX18

Zodiac FX18 Cleaner Review - Problems + Best Prices [2024]

👍The Good:More affordable, lightweight, effective cleaning
👎The Bad:Not long lasting, minor design flaws
🔍Verdict:Fair value for the price
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Product Comparison Table - Zodiac FX18

Before we dive into the review, let's take a look at the main specs for this product, and how it compares to other similar models.

NameZodiac FX18Zodiac FX18 For Tiled Pools
Best Price

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Zodiac FX18 Cleaner Review

The Zodiac FX18 is an affordable robotic pool cleaner with fairly consistent reviews among consumers. Although these products are more budget-friendly than other comparable machines, are they really worth buying?

In this Zodiac FX18 review, we list the pros and cons of this machine, see how it compares to other products on some main features, and answer some frequently asked questions to help you determine if this cleaner is the right choice for your pool.

Pros & Cons


  • Cleans effectively
  • Fairly priced
  • Good with bigger debris
  • Lightweight (5.5kg); carrying handle


  • Product may fail after warranty period (2 years)
  • Shorter warranty period than similar products
  • Prone to minor breaks
  • Poor customer service; difficult to access to repairs


The Zodiac FX18 is a lightweight pool cleaner for pools that are no more than 8 x 4 metres in area. This cleaner is among the easiest to handle in terms of size and weight, and comes with a convenient handle. This model of Zodiac cleaner is for inground pools only.

The Zodiac FX18 is capable of climbing walls and has a run time of 2.5 hours, and is suitable for all types of pool lining except for tile. If you have a tile pool, there is a model of FX18 that is intended for tile pools specifically.

This cleaner has a filter cartridge that works on debris as small as 200 microns in diameter. You can also buy a filter with a finer micron rating if your pool has an issue with dirt or other fine particles of debris.

Note that occasionally these finer micron filter add-ons can affect the suction quality of your machine, as they reduce the speed at which water can pass through the filter.

Cleaning Performance

The Zodiac FX18 and the Zodiac FX18 for tiled pools both have great reviews for cleaning quality. Owners of this machine say that the FX18 works great with debris of all sizes and even does great on dirt without the aftermarket filter upgrade.

This machine does a good job of climbing walls to scrub the water line, but as with many robotic cleaners, it can have minor issues cleaning ledges, corners, and some steps.

Like other pool cleaners, there are occasional reports of this machine getting ‘confused’ and repeatedly cleaning the same area of your pool, but this does not seem to be a common issue and may be more common among those with kidney-shaped pools.

Power Specifications

The Zodiac FX18 uses 100 Watts, giving the 2.5 hour cleaning cycle a total power usage of 250 Watt hours. This is nice and low, and means that running one of these will cost you virtually nothing!

Build Quality & Warranty

Zodiac FX18 Problems

The Zodiac FX18 is not known to have many issues with build quality. Some users report that certain plastic elements break easily, such as pieces around the handle and filter-access area that hold lids in place. While these breaks can be frustrating, they are not widely reported.

Other issues with the Zodiac FX18 are common among other pool cleaners by this brand. Although slightly less common among reviews of the FX18, many models of Zodiac pool cleaners break soon after warranty, and often require significant repairs.

These failures among Zodiac products suggest that these machines were not designed to last long after the two year warranty, which is important to keep in mind when considering a purchase from this brand.

Zodiac FX18 Warranty

The Zodiac FX18 comes with a two-year warranty. The quality of customer service that you receive during this warranty period may vary. Many users have complained about long wait times when making a warranty claim on one of these units.

Bear in mind that Zodiac maintains a policy whereby repairs on their units must be made by electricians certified by Zodiac, so it can be hard to find repair centres near you.

Some customers have been left waiting for weeks, only to be told that no one is available to repair their cleaner.

While these complaints do exist, customers’ experiences with Zodiac customer service seem to be hit or miss.

If all goes well, you may be eligible for repairs or a replacement product at no monetary cost to you, but you may still spend lots of time trying to get in contact with customer service representatives.

Zodiac FX18 Best Price

The Zodiac FX18 is slightly cheaper than other products available on the market. This machine typically sells for $1,100-$1,200, so as long as you understand the risks of purchasing a Zodiac cleaner, the price itself is be fairly reasonable.

Zodiac FX18 - FAQ

How Is The Zodiac FX18 Different From The TX30?

The main difference between the FX18 and TX30 is that they are rated for different sizes and types of pools. The Zodiac TX30 is for pools up to 10 x 5 metres and can be used in inground or above ground pools. The FX18, on the other hand, is rated for smaller pools no more than 8 x 4 metres in area, and is for inground pools only.

How Is The FX18 Different From The CX20?

The Zodiac CX20 is a larger pool cleaner than the FX18, weighing 9.5kg. It is rated for pools 10 x 5 metres in area, and only has a cleaning cycle length of 2 hours due to its size. The FX18 is only 5.5kg, is for pools of a smaller area, and has a slightly longer cleaning cycle of 2.5 hours.

What do consumers say about the Zodiac FX18?

The Zodiac FX18 has generally positive reviews from consumers. Although the FX18 may not provide flawless results, most owners of this pool cleaner agree that it cleans effectively enough to make this machine a fair value for the price.

It’s important to note that while many customers enjoy Zodiac pool cleaners, they are prone to developing problems after the warranty period. These more severe problems have already been reported in a few reviews, and will likely increase in numbers as the age of the model FX18 increases.

How long do Zodiac pool cleaners last?

The general consensus among consumers is that Zodiac pool cleaners tend to last for about two years, or until shortly after the warranty period expires. However, there are significantly less negative reviews involving this type of issue with the FX18 so far.

Final Thoughts - Zodiac FX18 Review

The Zodiac FX18 can make a great budget-friendly pool cleaner if you know what you are getting yourself into.

Compared to other models of Zodiac pool cleaner, the FX18 has more positive reviews about cleaning quality and less comments about needing repairs.

If you cannot afford to invest in a more expensive pool cleaner, the FX18 may make a great option, but we recommend that you don’t expect it to last longer than the 2 year warranty period.

Price Comparison - Zodiac FX18

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