Minimum Distance Between Pool And Pump

Minimum Distance Between Pool And Pump - How Close Is OK?

When building a swimming pool, there are a lot of regulations and safety guidelines to follow to ensure that your pool is an enjoyable and hazard-free recreational area. One of these guidelines include maintaining a minimum distance between your pool and its pump system.

In this guide, we will cover the minimum acceptable distance between your pool and the pump, why this is the minimum distance, and what to do if you need help with placing your pool’s pump.

What Is The Minimum Acceptable Distance Between Your Pool And The Pump?

It is typically recommended that you place your pool’s pump at least 3.5 metres away from the edge of your pool’s water.

If your pool’s pump is enclosed in a container, you should also consider the overall height of the pump when choosing a location.

To comply with swimming pool fencing regulations, climbable objects (such as your pump) cannot be placed within 900 mm of the base of your pool’s fencing. You may need to consider this when deciding on a location for your pump.

Why Is This The Minimum Distance?

Your pool’s pump must have adequate pressure and flow rates to operate effectively. Without enough piping between your pool and the pump, filtration and circulation can be less efficient.

Another reason that you should observe a minimum distance of 3.5 m between your pool’s water and the pump unit is due to electrical regulations and safety reasons.

Although electrical elements can be installed slightly closer to the pool when done with the right equipment and by highly trained technicians, keeping electrical components a significant distance away from your pool reduces the risk of electric shock for all parties.

There are also other benefits to placing your pool’s pump away_ _from your pool, including reduced mechanical noise in your swimming area.

Help With Placing Your Pool Pump

If you believe you have a unique situation, you may still be unsure about the minimum distance that you need between the water’s edge and your pool’s pump. In this case, we recommend that you reach out to a trusted pool builder or an electrician with swimming pool experience for professional advice.


You should observe a minimum distance of 3.5 metres between the edge of your pool’s water and the location of your pump.

This suggestion helps to protect against electrical hazards and aids in ideal pump operation. If you have a uniquely small area, contact a pool professional for help placing your pump.

Do you have any questions about the minimum distance between your pool and the pump? Reach out to us in the comments, we’d love to help answer any remaining questions you may have!

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