Davey Chloromatic Nipper DNP15C

Davey Chloromatic Nipper Review - Our Honest Opinion

👍The Good:Excellent performance, great build quality, variety of chlorine production settings, self-cleaning, affordable price
👎The Bad:Can be difficult to disassemble salt cell when manual cleaning is required
🔍Verdict:Highly recommended
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Product Comparison Table - Davey Chloromatic Nipper DNP15C

Before we dive into the review, let's take a look at the main specs for this product, and how it compares to other similar models.

NameDavey Chloromatic Nipper DNP15CDavey Chloromatic Nipper DNP25C
Best Price

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Davey Chloromatic Nipper Review

The Davey Chloromatic Nipper is a compact and competent saltwater chlorine generator that was designed with energy efficiency in mind.

Available in three sizes to fit most volumes of residential pools, this chlorinator works with salt water or mineral water to provide you with optimal sanitation.

Being more affordable than the average chlorinator, you may be wondering, is the Davey Chloromatic Nipper worth the money?

In this article, we will review the pros and cons of the Davey Chloromatic Nipper while pointing out everything you need to know about its design, chlorination performance, build quality, and warranty to help you determine if this chlorinator makes the right choice for you and your pool.

Pros & Cons


  • Great chlorination performance
  • Compatible with salt and mineral water
  • Sleek design takes up less space
  • Chlorine output highly adjustable
  • Affordable pricing
  • Self-cleaning with reverse polarity


  • Some users experience difficulties detaching the salt cell for cleaning


The Davey Chloromatic Nipper is a sleek, black, saltwater chlorinator that is more compact than other chlorinators on the market.

Available in three sizes, the DNP15C can handle pools up to 58,000L, the DNP25C works for pools up to 96,000L, and the DNP35C can chlorinate pools up to 134,000L in volume. These maximum pool volume guidelines are significantly larger than those of similar machines.

Additionally, each size of this machine produces chlorine at a different rate, ensuring that your pool receives the right amount of chlorine regardless of its size.

This chlorinator offers spa, cover, boost, and winter mode features, which allow users to raise or lower their machine’s chlorine production in times of need.

While more chlorine is typically required for large events or to treat algae outbreaks, less chlorine production is ideal for when the pool is covered or closed for the winter season.

Davey Chloromatic Controller

Chlorination Performance

The Davey Chloromatic Nipper is a more budget-friendly option for a saltwater chlorine generator.

Coming equipped with reverse polarity electrode plates which combat the buildup of scale, this model provides industry-standard self-cleaning features and reduces required maintenance.

With a maximum pool volume of 134,000L for the largest size of this machine, a model is available for even the largest of residential pools.

Each size of this machine is designed with a different default chlorine production rate to suit the volume of the pool it is intended for. The Davey Chloromatic Nipper DNP15C produces chlorine at a rate of 15g/hr, while the DNP25C and DNP35C produce 25g/hr and 35g/hr respectively.

This is adequate to maintain free chlorine levels in most pools, but how much chlorine your pool needs can also be affected by environmental factors such as water temperature, number of swimmers, cyanuric acid concentration and exposure to sunlight.

The ideal salinity levels for the Davey Chloromatic Nipper range from 3,000-6,000 ppm and are consistent across each size of the machine.

Once your pool’s salt levels drop below 3,000 ppm, the chlorinator’s low salt alarm will be triggered, indicating that salt needs to be added to the pool to allow the machine to produce adequate levels of chlorine.

Davey Chloromatic Nipper

Build Quality & Warranty

Davey Chloromatic Nipper Problems

There are no known problems with the build quality or function of the Davey Chloromatic Nipper. It seems as though most customers are pretty satisfied with the performance of their machine.

Some users report experiencing difficulties when detaching the salt cell from their chlorinator for manual cleaning. However, since this type of issue is only seldom mentioned among customer reviews, we suspect that it is likely due to user error rather than problems with build quality.

Davey Chloromatic Nipper Warranty

The Davey Chloromatic Nipper comes with a three-year warranty, which is the standard length of warranty among most models of saltwater chlorine generator.

Although there are no reports of customers reaching out to Davey customer service in regards to warranty claims, those who have reached out for support with the setup or operation of the machine say that Davey customer service representatives are knowledgeable and friendly.

Davey Chloromatic Nipper Price

The Davey Chloromatic Nipper is slightly more affordable than the average saltwater chlorine generator.

Beginning at $960 for the smallest size (DNP15C), the mid-size unit (DNP25C) carries a price tag of approximately $1,100, with the largest size (DNP35C) of this machine costing around $1,200.

Most chlorinators on the market today range in price from $700-$2,500, making the Davey Chloromatic Nipper an excellent option for those seeking a more budget-friendly machine.

Davey Chloromatic Nipper - FAQ

How Do You Clean A Davey Chlorinator Cell?

The Davey Chloromatic Nipper’s salt cell can be cleaned similarly to other salt cells.

This process typically involves submerging the salt cell in a bucket of diluted hydrochloric acid, which works to gently remove built-up calcification on the electrolysis components of the machine without damaging the delicate ceramic coating of the plates.

If you are looking for a specific set of steps you can follow, check out our article on how to clean a salt cell with hydrochloric acid.

What Should The Salt Level Be On A Davey Nipper Chlorinator?

The ideal salinity levels for the Davey Chloromatic Nipper range from 3,000-6,000 ppm. Below these levels, the machine will set off an alarm, indicating that it is time to add more salt to your pool.

Above these levels, water can have too high of a saline content for electrolysis to be performed efficiently, which increases the likelihood that calcification will develop in your salt cell.

Final Thoughts - Davey Chloromatic Nipper Review

The Davey Chloromatic Nipper is a one of the best chlorinators in Australia.

With stellar reviews across the board from customers, great customer service, affordability, and no known issues with the build quality, it is easy for us to recommend the Davey Chloromatic Nipper to anyone looking to purchase a new saltwater chlorine generator for their pool.

Price Comparison - Davey Chloromatic Nipper DNP15C

Let's compare the top suppliers out there in Australia for the Davey Chloromatic Nipper DNP15C.