Pool Cover On Or Off During The Day?

Pool Cover On Or Off During The Day? Which Is Better?

Pool covers are an important piece of equipment. Whether you are using a solar cover, thermal blanket, or leaf cover, these pool additions can help with many aspects of maintenance. But should these covers be left on during the day?

In this article we will discuss if your pool cover should be on or off during the day, and some potential pros and cons of leaving the cover on your pool.

Pool Cover On Or Off During The Day?

The answer to this question really comes down to the type of pool cover you are using.

It also depends on a few conditions, including your water temperature, desired water temperature, weather conditions, and pool usage.

Should I Take My Pool Leaf Cover Off During The Day?

Pool leaf covers are primarily designed to keep debris out of the pool. This includes leaves, sand and lawn trimmings.

In general, pool leaf covers are intended for use during the off-season, and should not be left on your pool during the day unless they are needed.

In some cases, such as those where severe weather is expected, using a leaf cover is advisable for preventing organic debris and excessive amounts of rainwater from entering your pool.

Should I Take My Solar Cover Off During The Day?

Solar covers are designed to create and maintain even temperatures of pool water. These covers, sometimes called solar blankets or thermal covers, work to slowly warm the pool while the sun is out and can keep this heat trapped in the pool overnight (thanks to the bubbles on the cover).

Solar covers can be left on your pool during the day while the pool is not in use, but should be removed occasionally (about once a week) to allow any gas to dissipate and for the water to equilibrate with the air.

Leaving the cover on will typically cause an increase in water temperature, and has the added benefit of preventing excess evaporation of your pool’s water.

If you live in an area where excessive evaporation of pool water is common, keeping your solar cover on your pool can prevent additional water loss, especially on windy days, making it a great way to reduce overall maintenance while your pool is not in use.


In most cases, it is fine for you to leave your pool cover on during the day. Regardless of the type of cover you are using, there are many benefits to using a pool cover both day and night.

However, there are also some downsides to this. For example, pool covers left out during the day are likely to deteriorate more quickly due to exposure to the sun.

Do you have any questions about having your pool cover on or off during the day? Get in touch with us in the comments, we’d love to help!

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