Smallest Fibreglass Pool

Smallest Fibreglass Pool - How Small Can You Go? Rough Cost?

Small pools make pool ownership more accessible. Whether you have limited outdoor space to work with, are saving room in your yard for other features, or are hoping to save on budget, a small fibreglass pool could make a great option for you.

If this sounds appealing, you may be wondering: what is the smallest fibreglass pool available?

In this article, we will discuss things you should know before buying a tiny fibreglass pool, what the sizes are for some of the smallest fibreglass pools, and who manufactures these models.

What You Need To Know Before Buying A Small Fiberglass Pool

Terms For Tiny Pools

Tiny pools are often referred to as plunge pools. Most plunge pools on the market are manufactured out of fibreglass because this material provides greater longevity and easier installation.

Small Doesn’t Always Mean Cheap

Small fibreglass pools tend to cost around $15,000 or more to purchase and install.

This price is a low estimate, and what you pay may vary depending on the size of your pool, the manufacturer, the equipment the pool is accompanied with, and whether you opt for an in-ground or above-ground pool configuration.

Smallest Fibreglass Pools Available

The smallest fibreglass pools available are less than 10 cubic metres (10,000 litres) in volume on average. If you are looking for something even smaller, you may want to look into clip-on spas rather than plunge pools.

The Smallest Fiberglass Pool

One of the smallest fibreglass pools available is the Hydro Plunge. Manufactured by Freedom Pools in Brisbane, this pool is 2.8m x 2m and has a depth of 1.7m, giving it an approximate volume of 9,000 litres before deducting space for steps and benches.

This pool is composed of high-quality fibreglass and features water jets for added relaxation. It is also available in 23 different finishes so you can find a pool colour to best fit your landscape theme.

Please note that this pool has the smallest area, but due to its depth, it is not actually the smallest in volume.

Honourable Mentions

While these pools are not as tiny as the smallest fibreglass pool, they are still among the smallest sizes on the market.

The next size up is the Zoe by Miami Pools Australia. This small fibreglass pool has dimensions of 3.2m x 1.9m and a depth of 1.2m, giving it an estimated volume of 7,200 litres.

While this has a larger area than the smallest pool available, it has less depth. This pool comes in six colour options and a 30-year structural warranty so that you can purchase with confidence.

A slightly larger size still is the Stradbroke pool by Swimming Pools Brisbane. Unique from the other models we’ve mentioned, this pool has a sloped floor, making it one of the smallest fibreglass pools with varying water depth.

This pool measures 3m x 2.5m, and the depth ranges from 1.2-1.53m, giving it an approximate volume of 9,500 litres.


The smallest fibreglass pools available are durable, compact options that allow more people to have a pool in their own yards. These structures are not always cheap, but they are well-made and will last just as long as full-sized pools!

Do you have any remaining queries about the smallest fibreglass pools? Leave us a comment down below, we’ll do our best to help answer any questions you may have!

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