Pool Display Centres Brisbane

Pool Display Centres Brisbane [Complete List]

If you are in the planning and design phase of building a brand new swimming pool, you may feel overwhelmed by options. While some people know what they are looking for right away, many customers like to review all of the possibilities when investing in a swimming pool.

If you need more time to mull over your options, why not visit a pool display centre? These centres have a variety of pool designs, surfaces, equipment, and added features available for you to see up-close and first-hand; no more relying on pictures.

In this article, we’ll discuss why we encourage you to visit a pool display centre during the planning phase of your pool’s development while also providing a list of some of the most popular pool display centres in the greater Brisbane area.

Why Visit A Pool Display Center?

Visiting a pool display centre gives you the chance to view models of swimming pools up close. That way, you have a better idea what your new pool will look like than trying to imagine it based off of images you may see online or in a catalogue.

Visiting a display centre is also a great way to decide on your pool’s interior colour. Viewing colour samples online can give you a rough idea of the final product, but in order to see the complex shine of some fibreglass pool coatings, you need to view them first hand.

Display centres also provide a great way to compare different styles or sizes of swimming pool by letting you see many of your options side-by-side.

Most often, visits to display centres are guided by professionals from the company, which gives you the chance to get any questions you may have answered as they arise.

Pool Display Centres In Brisbane

Freedom Pools

3373 Pacific Hwy, Springwood QLD 4127, Australia

Freedom Pools offers prefabricated fibreglass pool shells in a wide variety of shapes and designs. You can also customise your pool with an array of colours and added features to choose from.

Freedom Pools are Australian-made to Australian-quality standards. This company seeks to provide affordable and reliable pools to families and commercial property owners alike.

The Fibreglass Pool Company

3371 Pacific Hwy, Slacks Creek QLD 4127, Australia

The Fibreglass Pool Company offers a range of pre-built fibreglass pools in changeable sizes and styles with ten different interior gel coat colours to choose from.

Their display centre is currently under renovation, but it can still be visited on an appointment-only basis. To book an obligation-free display centre visit, visit The Fibreglass Pool Company’s website.

Amic Pools

132 Deception Bay Road Deception Bay Q 4508

Amic Pools is a top provider of customizable concrete pools for both residential and commercial properties. They also carry a selection of plunge pools for those who may be low on space.

With lots of finishing surface options, this company is also a supplier of top-rated pool equipment and accessories.

The unique thing about their display centre is that they actually let you swim in their pools and experience it for yourself!

Leisure Pools

6 Computer Road, Yatala, QLD, 4209

Leisure Pools is a leading fibreglass pool supplier nationwide that offers an extensive catalogue of pool designs, finishing surfaces, sizes, and colours.

This company can also provide you with cutting-edge water features to spruce up your pool landscaping, such as incorporated waterfalls or fountains. Entry to this showroom and display centre is by appointment only.


Taking time to visit one of the several pool display centres available in the Brisbane area can greatly help you finalise your decisions regarding the design options of your new swimming pool.

If you are able, we encourage you to visit these pool display centres for both information and inspiration.

Do you have any questions about pool display centres in Brisbane? Reach out to us in the comments; we’d love to help answer any remaining questions you may have.

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