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Landscaping the area around your pool can be challenging. Many people focus on solely the aesthetic elements of what surrounds their pool, but what if you are looking to add something with a bit more practicality?

Pool cabanas make a useful and customizable outdoor space that can be designed to fit whatever theme you are going for.

In this article, we’ll discuss different pool cabana ideas, including modern ones, those for small spaces, and pool huts.

Pool Cabana Ideas

One of the most popular setups for a pool cabana involves an entirely enclosed outdoor room. This room typically has several full-glass doors across the side of the cabana that faces the pool that can be opened when desired.

If you are looking for a more open-air structure, check out the section on pool hut ideas.

The outside of a cabana appears as a small house or shed. This basic form is very easy to customise to fit the aesthetic you are going for in your yard. This type of pool cabana is often full of furniture similar to what you may find indoors.

Small pool cabanas tend to be more narrow and contain less indoor space. They may also have a retractable sunshade or another awning outside to extend the space of the cabana on the side where the doors are located.

While bigger pool cabanas often include large seating areas and may even include space to prepare food or drinks, small pool cabanas are more commonly used for shaded seating areas and storing certain pool supplies.

Modern Pool Cabana Ideas

Modern pool cabanas come enclosed or as modern pool huts. Modern designed pool cabanas as the ones mentioned above will likely incorporate more minimalist design features on the exterior of the building.

The colour palette and windows that you choose for your cabana can also drastically affect the final appearance. Dark colours, primarily near-black or deep-stained wood tones, are very popular among those looking to create a modern pool cabana. Smooth, white exteriors with large windows can also create a modern effect.

Pool Cabana Furnishings

As briefly mentioned above, pool cabanas can be equipped with all types of furnishings.

Some of the most popular furniture options for cabanas are large, sectional sofas or several padded sun chairs for lounging. For entertainment, you may choose to add a TV, board games, a dart board, or a deck of cards.

If your pool cabana will be a fair distance from your home, you may also choose to add small kitchen appliances to your cabana. One popular choice for this is a mini-refrigerators for cold drinks.

Some pool cabanas are also equipped with full plumbing, allowing for more extensive cooking applications and poolside restroom access.

Pool cabanas also make a great option for storage. Consider having a small portion of your cabana hold swimming accessories like pool towels, sun cream, goggles, and floaties.

You could also install hooks along the inner wall of your cabana for hanging up towels, cover-ups, or sun hats when not in use.

Pool Hut Ideas

Pool huts are more open-air than pool cabanas. These structures typically have at least one fully open wall, but more commonly they may be uncovered on three or four sides.

The main structure of a pool hut tends to be a wooden gazebo. This four-post structure can have a wooden lattice overhead or be finished off with a solid roof.

Pool huts most often contain outdoor-friendly seating, such as couches and other lounge chairs. You may also want to include a table and chairs for poolside dining.

It is very popular to use large drapery and curtains with pool huts. This look can also create a modern effect when minimalist colour schemes are used.

Pool huts do not have to be modern. If you have a tropical pool landscape, consider adding a thatched-roof pool hut that will perfectly match your existing theme.


Pool cabanas and pool huts make a great way to add outdoor spaces near your pool for relaxation and socialising.

Whether you choose a more open-air structure that allows you to feel the breeze or you prefer a little slice of the indoors by the poolside, there’s a pool cabana option to suit your needs.

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