Pool Algaecide Calculator - How Much To Add To Pool?

Planning on keeping the algae in your pool at bay with an algaecide? Use this pool algaecide calculator to work out how much algaecide to add to your swimming pool!

Pool Algaecide Calculator

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How Much Algaecide Do You Put In A Pool?

The recommended dose of algaecide varies greatly from product to product, typically ranging from 500 mL to 2.5 L per 50,000 L of pool volume.

Check the packaging to find the recommended dose rate for your product, then multiply it by your pool volume to work out the right dose.

Alternatively, you can use this pool algaecide calculator to work out the appropriate dose for your swimming pool.

Can You Put Too Much Algaecide In A Pool?

Yes. Adding excess algaecide typically results in large quantities of persistent foam being generated. Check out this guide on how to get rid of algaecide foam for more information.

Will Algaecide Clear Up A Green Pool?

No. Algaecide is not designed to be used with green pools. If you have a green pool, you have an active algae infestation that needs to be dealt with by shocking to kill the algae.

Once you have cleared up your pool, you can then look at dosing algaecide as a preventative measure to reduce the likelihood of algae outbreaks in the future.

Should I Run The Filter After Adding Algaecide?

As algaecide should be used as a preventative measure (rather than for clearing a green pool), you should run your filter as normal after adding algaecide.

Should I Use Shock Or Algaecide First?

If you have a green pool, it's important that you use shock before algaecide. Algaecide won't have much impact on algae already growing in your water, so you need to kill them first with a shock treatment, then add algaecide later as a preventative measure.

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