Pool Coping Overhang

Pool Coping Overhang In Australia - What Is Typical? Why?

Pool coping is one of the final steps you’ll take when installing your swimming pool. The surface that surrounds your pool can be just as important as the pool itself and should be designed to be as long-lasting as possible.

To get the most out of your pool’s coping, there are some things that you should consider before having it installed, including how much coping overhang you would like to have.

In this article, we will discuss why it’s important and what the minimum coping overhang measurement should be for your pool.

Why Is Pool Coping Overhang Important?

Pool coping that is installed around the edge of your pool should actually overhang the edge of your pool by a certain amount.

This extra ledge of material serves many purposes. One reason it is left is so that your pool’s interior surface will line up better with the exterior coping once it is applied. It also serves well as a hand-grip for younger swimmers.

Other pool owners note that they appreciate an overhang larger than the average recommended size because it allows for people to sit on the edge of the pool and dip their feet in more comfortably.

Ideal Length For Pool Coping Overhang

The most commonly recommended length for pool coping overhang is 50 mm. Although a coping overhang is not always necessary, this length is recommended for all pool owners so that less of the pool’s edging is exposed.

Having an overhang can also protect waterline tiling against damage, if you have any.


Pool coping overhang is not always necessary. However, because there are so many benefits to having a coping overhang of at least 50 mm, it is strongly encouraged that you adhere to this recommendation when installing your own coping.

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