Best Salt Water Pool Chlorinators In Australia

Best Salt Water Pool Chlorinators Australia - What's #1?

Deciding on a saltwater chlorinator for your pool can be a difficult decision. With an abundance of different models of these machines available, it can be difficult to even know where to start if you are looking to do some comparison shopping.

Luckily, there are resources available to you that can make comparing and contrasting different chlorinators much easier.

In this article, we will discuss some key factors that you should consider when purchasing a saltwater pool chlorinator.

We will also review the specs of four popular models of saltwater chlorinators to help you determine which of these chlorinators makes the best choice for you and your pool.

Short on time? Here's our #1 recommendation:

Our Top Pick - Davey Chloromatic Nipper

👍Why It's #1:Excellent performance, build quality, warranty coverage, and price
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Product Comparison Table

Before we discuss each of the products in detail, let's take a look at how they compare to each other.

NameDavey Chloromatic Nipper DNP15CDavey Chloromatic Nipper DNP25C
Best Price

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Key Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Salt Water Pool Chlorinator


When purchasing a salt chlorinator it is important to consider the design of your machine. Aside from the visual appearance of the control box and salt cell, we are also talking about what pool size, water temperature and water type it was designed for.

It also involves considering the extra features of the machine, such as different chlorine production modes for different occasions or different seasons.

Additionally, design information can tell you if your machine has any added features such as a self-cleaning mode.

Chlorination Performance

The chlorination performance of your saltwater chlorinator is undoubtedly the most important factor to consider when purchasing one of these machines. These units should produce enough chlorine consistently to maintain adequate levels of free chlorine in your pool.

Information about the chlorination performance of your machine relates to how much chlorine it produces in grams per hour, the ideal operating range for your pool’s salinity, and various chlorination automation settings.

Some chlorinators produce chlorine automatically when levels are low, while others follow timer systems or user-initiated settings.

Build Quality

It is also crucial to consider the build quality of your saltwater chlorinator. With many customer reviews available for most products, it’s easier than ever to research what real users are saying about the machine you are interested in.

By taking note of customer reviews that repeatedly mention similar issues related to broken parts, inadequate chlorine production, or poor warranty service, you can avoid models that have a history of issues with build quality.


The warranty of your saltwater chlorinator is also important to consider. However, when evaluating a product’s warranty, it isn’t as easy as reading the advertised warranty on the box.

Many machines boast longer warranty periods than others when advertising, but once you read the fine print these lengthy warranties tend to be extremely limited.

Evaluate the value of the warranty that is provided with your machine. Does it protect against damage and breakage to essential components of the chlorinator? Does the warranty offer a full replacement for affected parts, or is compensation determined by a pro-rata system?

By evaluating the warranty of chlorinators before you purchase one, you can save a lot of time and headaches in case pieces of your machine fail to function properly.

Best Salt Water Chlorinators Australia

Davey Chloromatic Nipper

Our Top Pick
Davey Chloromatic Nipper

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent chlorine production
  • Space-saving, compact design
  • Highly adjustable output settings
  • Self-cleaning with reverse polarity


  • Salt cell is difficult to detach for cleaning

The Davey Chloromatic Nipper is a top choice for saltwater chlorinators. This machine has a sleek and compact design, provides great chlorination, has highly adjustable chlorine-output features, and has self-cleaning capabilities with reverse polarity.

This machine is available in three sizes (DNP15C, DNP25C & DNP35C) and can comfortably chlorinate pools up to 134,000 litres in volume. The ideal salinity levels for this chlorinator range from 3,000-6,000 ppm (parts per million).

Complete with several operating modes such as spa, boost, cover, and winter, this chlorinator is adjustable to suit a variety of pool conditions.

This machine is compatible with saltwater pools as well as mineral pool systems, and also features a low salt alarm to alert you before you end up with a green pool!

There are no widely-reported issues with the build quality of the Davey Chloromatic Nipper. The most common issue experienced by customers is difficulty experienced when attempting to detach the salt cell for maintenance cleanings.

This is not widely reported among customer reviews, which suggests that it is not a major issue.

This chlorinator offers a three-year warranty that offers reasonable coverage for all vital components of the machine. Additionally, the customer service team for Davey pool products is highly commended by users for being knowledgeable and friendly.

With retail prices ranging from $960-$1,200, this chlorinator is not the cheapest on our list but certainly makes for excellent value for the price.

Get more info over at this Davey Chloromatic Nipper review!

Saltmate RP Series Chlorinator

Honourable Mention
Saltmate RP Chlorinator

Pros & Cons


  • Self-cleaning salt cell
  • Australian made
  • Suitable for large pools
  • Transparent salt cell housing


  • Timer experiences failures
  • Printed circuit board problems
  • LED lights may fail to work
  • Inconsistent chlorine production
  • Lack of alarms/warning lights
  • Control box is prone to rust

The Saltmate RP Series Chlorinator is a very popular option in Australia. It features a moderately bulky control board, a semi-transparent salt cell, and touchpad controls.

With fully adjustable chlorine production, this machine is available in three sizes (RP20, RP30 & RP40) that can provide adequate chlorination for pools up to 220,000 litres in volume and is compatible with both salt and mineral water pools.

The ideal operating salinity range for this machine ranges from 4,000-6,000 ppm. Each size of this machine produces different amounts of chlorine to suit the needs of your pool.

This machine is also protected against high salt levels. While exceeding the operating limit of 6,000 ppm is not recommended, this chlorinator has several safety features in place to prevent the machine from causing damage to itself when salt levels are high.

Unfortunately, there are several issues with the build quality of the Saltmate RP Series Chlorinators. The most widely-reported issue involves the timer mechanism of the control board, which has been said to lose time, gain time, or stop working altogether.

Additionally, the salt cell of this machine tends to stop working around the three-year mark, which is a bit substandard as most salt cells last between five and seven years depending on usage.

Continuing, the printed circuit board of this machine also experiences many issues. These circuitry problems lead to inconsistent chlorine production as well as LED light failures on the control board of the machine.

The main control box of this machine is also prone to rusting, so it is suggested that you mount it away from the elements.

By far the biggest issue with this machine is that it fails silently; there is a lack of alarms and warning lights on this machine that makes noticing and diagnosing problems more difficult.

The Saltmate RP Series Chlorinators boasts a five-year warranty, but the coverage it provides is very limited. For example, the salt cell which is known to break quickly compared to others on the market is only provided with two years of coverage.

Additionally, not all servicing is covered by the warranty. Saltmate customer service is also reported to be low-quality due to their tendency to avoid responsibility for damaged parts.

The Saltmate RP Series Chlorinators range in price from $1,200-$1,450 depending on the size. Although this isn’t too expensive, the build quality of this machine is subpar and the warranty is underdone, so we do not recommend it.

For more details, see our complete Saltmate Chlorinators review!

Crystal Clear Chlorinator

Best Budget-Friendly Option
Crystal Clear RP Chlorinator

Pros & Cons


  • Budget-friendly
  • Reliable automatic timer
  • Easy to use low-tech design
  • Lower salinity operating range


  • Control box may overheat in hot weather

The Crystal Clear Chlorinator is the most budget-friendly option in our comparison today. It features a sleek, black control box and a salt cell that is equipped with self-cleaning technology to reduce upkeep maintenance.

Featuring a unique hard-water mode for high calcium areas, this chlorinator also has over-current protection to protect delicate electric components of the machine.

Compatible with both salt and mineral water pools, two sizes (RP2000 & RP3000) of this machine are available to fit pools up to 100,000 litres in volume. In tropical climates, this maximum pool volume drops to 65,000 litres.

The ideal salt levels for this chlorinator range from 3,000-3,500 ppm, giving it a very low salt operating range compared to other available machines.

There are no widely-reported issues with the build quality of the Crystal Clear Chlorinator. A couple of customer reviews mention that the black control box of this device can overheat during hot weather, especially when left in direct sunlight.

This is seldom reported, but it is recommended that you mount your control box in a shaded area to prevent this from occurring.

The two-year warranty provided with this machine is of excellent quality. It includes a full replacement for the power pack of the chlorinator and a full five years of pro-rata coverage on the salt cell of the machine.

All of the warranty information for this product is provided explicitly, and the company does not rely on advertising a warranty that they cannot back up.

With an incredibly budget-friendly price that ranges from $800-$920, the Crystal Clear Chlorinator makes a great option for those seeking a simple and reliable machine.

With excellent performance, build quality, straightforward warranty policies, and a top-rated customer service team, it is easy for us to crown this model the best budget-friendly saltwater chlorinator on our list.

If you want the full rundown on the units, check out this Crystal Clear Chlorinator review.

Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator

Best For Automation
Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator

Pros & Cons


  • Automated chemical testing
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Smartphone app controls
  • Low salt compatible
  • Acid probing and dosing feature


  • High-tech design is difficult to troubleshoot
  • Control box can overheat in the sun

The Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator (Vi 25 & Vi 40) are technologically advanced chlorinators with a premium price tag.

Boasting features such as pH testing and adjustments, bluetooth compatible controls, and automated chemical testing, this high-tech and fully automated chlorinator can almost seem futuristic.

With a maximum pool volume of 150,000 litres, or 80,000 litres in warm climates, different sizes of this machine are available to fit the needs of your pool.

Ideal salinity levels for this machine range from 2,000-4,000 ppm. In the advertisement brochure for this chlorinator, it is stated that the machine can also operate with low salt levels allowing users a “near fresh-water swimming experience.”

However, the owner’s operating manual directly contradicts this information by stating that salt levels should not be allowed to drop below 2,000 ppm.

There are very few issues reported that relate to the build quality of the Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator. Most customer complaints about this machine relate to the highly technical nature of the control system, which has its unique drawbacks.

Because this chlorinator is highly automated, it can be difficult to diagnose, adjust, and fix problems that occur. Additionally, if faulty readings are obtained, the machine will operate based on these faulty readings and this can lead to imbalanced pool chemistry.

Due to the lack of automation overriding controls and the highly technical nature of the chlorinator, even the most mechanically-savvy pool owners must take this machine to an authorised repair centre when it experiences issues.

This machine comes with a three-year warranty for the control board of the machine, one year of coverage for the acid probing/dosing system, and a five-year warranty on the original salt cell.

We find the warranty coverage of this machine to be fairly adequate. With a price tag in the order of $5,000, this chlorinator is the most expensive model in our comparison.

If you want an automated pool experience and have the money to invest in a premium bit of kit, this machine may make a great choice for you.

However, it is important to remember that expensive machines carry heftier upkeep and repair-related costs, which can further increase the lifetime cost of this machine.

If this unit does interest you, you can read more about it at this Insnrg Vi Chlorinator review!

Final Thoughts - What Is The Best Salt Water Chlorinator In Australia?

Chlorinators come in a variety of models, from the simple-yet-reliable Crystal Clear Chlorinator that makes our most budget-friendly option, to the Insnrg Vi Premium chlorinator that has some of the most tech features available on the market today. We struggle to recommend the Saltmate RP Series Chlorinators, as these models tend to experience an abundance of performance and build-quality issues.

The Davey Chloromatic Nipper makes the top of our list as an excellent mid-priced chlorinator. This machine wins our comparison with a lack of build quality issues, great warranty coverage, and a top-rated customer service team.

Second place on our list is awarded to the Crystal Clear Chlorinator, which is an equally-reliable yet more budget-friendly option. Both of these chlorinators offer excellent performance, build quality, and warranty coverage, all within a reasonable price range.

Price Comparison - Davey Chloromatic Nipper DNP15C

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