Dolphin X30

Dolphin X30 & X40 Plus Cleaner Review - Worth It? Prices?

πŸ‘The Good:Suitable for most debris including sand, good customer support, easy filter emptying
πŸ‘ŽThe Bad:Power cord tangles easily, no scheduling function, prone to breaks after warranty period ends
πŸ”Verdict:Not a bad choice, but at this price point the power cord should really be of better quality
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Product Comparison Table - Dolphin X30

Before we dive into the review, let's take a look at the main specs for this product, and how it compares to other similar models.

NameDolphin X30Dolphin X40 Plus
Best Price

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Dolphin X30 & X40 Plus Cleaner Review - Worth It? Prices?

The Dolphin X30/X40 Plus are robotic pool cleaners of a more premium price range with improved suction and filtering quality compared to more affordable machines.

Despite the high price of these machines, they can still experience their own issues, so you may be wondering: is a pool cleaning robot with such a premium price tag really worth investing in?

In this article, we cover the pros and cons of these particular models, compare their design and cleaning performance to other machines, and answer some frequently asked questions to help you decide if either of these models makes the right choice for your pool.

Pros & Cons


  • Great with most sizes of debris from sand to gumnuts
  • Quality customer support service
  • Great at climbing and cleaning walls/waterline
  • Easy filter emptying
  • Smartphone app control capability (X40 Plus)


  • No timer/scheduling system for cleanings
  • Prone to failure after warranty expires
  • Excessive cord tangling due to lack of swivel port
  • Does not clean steps, ledges, similarly shallow areas
  • Power supply unit is not waterproofed
  • Can struggle with extra large debris


The Dolphin X30/X40 Plus have premium price tags and are designed and manufactured by Maytronics for pools that are no more than 12 metres in length.

These cleaners have a cord length of 18 metres and are a midweight cleaner at 7.5kg. Most owners of this machine suggest that it is fairly easy to lift and transport, especially the X40 Plus, which comes with a transport caddy included.

This robotic pool cleaner is for cleaning the floors, walls, and waterline of your pool. It is not intended to clean steps, ledges, or other shallow areas of the pool where water depth is less than 45mm.

With a cleaning cycle of 2 hours, or 2.5 hours for the X40 Plus, these machines are ideal for both in-ground and above-ground pools, and are also compatible with most common types of pool lining.

This cleaner is primarily a light grey colour with few yellow accents, and has a darker colored handle on the top of the machine to assist with lifting it in and out of the pool.

This cleaner is equipped with a filter canister that works well on most sizes of debris including sand, dust, most sizes of leaves, and gumnuts.

Cleaning Performance

The Dolphin X30/X40 Plus models are great at cleaning most sizes of debris from the floor of the pool, including fine debris like sand. There are occasional reports of this machine struggling to pick up extra large debris, such as bark.

This may be due to the size of the water intake for the impeller, which will not allow much bulky debris to pass through without becoming clogged.

If you wait until your pool is really dirty to run your machine, it may struggle to pick up all of the debris before filling up. We recommend running your pool cleaner up to three times a week, especially if you have lots of leaves and other tree related debris accumulating each day.

Dolphin X30
Dolphin X30

Build Quality & Warranty

Dolphin X30 & X40 Plus Problems

The biggest problem with the build of the Dolphin X30/X40 Plus is that the power cords are prone to getting tangled because they do not attach to the machine via a swivel port.

Enough users experience issues with the cord that we believe this to be a design flaw with the machine, even though Maytronics frequently suggests that these cord issues are due to user error.

Additionally, the power supply for the Dolphin X30/X40 Plus is not waterproof. This is fairly standard among pool cleaners, but it is important to remember to keep this unit in a dry place in case of rain, splashing from the pool, or risks of falling into the water.

Problems that occur due to the power supply becoming wet are not covered by warranty.

This machine is prone to needing expensive repairs after the warranty period. According to Maytronics support staff, the Dolphin pool cleaners are designed to be effective for approximately 500 hours of operation time.

If you will be dissatisfied with your machine needing potentially expensive repairs as it nears this amount of usage, you may want to consider purchasing a cleaner from a different manufacturer.

Dolphin X30 & X40 Plus Warranty

The Dolphin X30/X40 Plus comes with a two year warranty, which includes a 12-month full manufacturer warranty and a limited warranty for the following 12 months.

Certain types of machine failure are not covered under the warranty, such as the motor unit or power supply getting wet.

The Dolphin X30/X40 Plus is manufactured by Maytronics.

This company is rated highly for their approach to customer service; most people who have had to contact Maytronics regarding faulty or damaged machines were able to receive adequate attention for their concerns and have had their problems fixed swiftly.

There are occasional reports of issues with Maytronics repair centres, but it is important to note that although these facilities are licensed to repair Maytronics machines, they are not typically employed by service workers from the manufacturer's company.

Dolphin X30 & X40 Plus Best Price

The Dolphin X30/X40 Plus have premium price tags compared to other robotic pool cleaners.

The Dolphin X30 costs approximately $2,300, while the Dolphin X40 Plus costs around $2,700 due to its additional features, which include a transport caddy and the ability to link your machine to a smartphone app for more precise control.

Dolphin X30 & X40 Plus - FAQ

What’s The Difference Between The Dolphin X30 And X40 Plus?

The Dolphin X40 Plus has a few bonus features when compared to the Dolphin X30. The Dolphin X40 Plus comes with a caddy included, has bluetooth capability, and can also be controlled via smartphone app.

These functions are not necessary for every pool owner, but many tech-savvy consumers enjoy these more premium features.

Does The Dolphin X30 Have A Timer?

The Dolphin X30 runs a set cleaning cycle of 2 hours. After this time has elapsed, the timer will shut the machine off automatically.

These cleaners are not equipped with a scheduling system.

Compared to some models where you can program your machine to start a cycle a few days throughout the week automatically, you will need to manually turn the Dolphin X30/X40 Plus on each time you want it to clean your pool.

Does The Dolphin X30 Have An App?

While The Dolphin X30 is does not have smartphone app controls, the X40 Plus has added these features in response to customer demand. If you are seeking a machine with added remote control capabilities, we recommend the Dolphin X40 Plus as opposed to the X30.

Final Thoughts - Dolphin X30 & X40 Plus Review

If you are looking to invest in a premium-quality pool cleaning robot, the Dolphin X30/X40 Plus could make a great choice for you. Especially if you enjoy the opportunity to control your machine via smartphone app, we strongly recommend the Dolphin X40 Plus.

It is important to consider the intended longevity of these machines along with their known problems, such as the power cord becoming tangled, before making a purchase.

These are not cheap units, so shop around and consider your options before locking in a purchase.

Price Comparison - Dolphin X30

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