Zodiac LM3 Secret Button

Zodiac LM3 Secret Button - Where Is It? What Does It Do?

Upon finding out that your Zodiac saltwater chlorinator has a secret button, you may be both a bit confused and intrigued. This secret button exists on the Zodiac LM3 model of saltwater chlorinator, but what is it for?

In this article we will tell you where to locate the secret button on your machine, teach you what this secret button does, and speculate reasons as to why this button is a secret in the first place.

Zodiac LM3 Secret Button

Where Is The Secret Button Located?

To find the Zodiac LM3 secret button, look at the controls display panel for the machine. You should notice a row of three buttons, including those for output adjustment, the machine’s super chlorination setting, and a standard on/off button.

The secret button is below these three buttons. To find it, first locate your machine’s super chlorination button. Then, follow an imaginary line down towards the writing on your control panel that says “LM3”. The secret service button is hidden slightly above the number “3” where this text is printed.

What Does The Zodiac LM3 Secret Button Do?

The secret button on Zodiac LM3 machine is essentially a reset button, or in the words of the manufacturer, a service button. The main purpose of this button is that it is to be used when you are wiring your chlorinator to a pool automation system.

Connect your pool automation system to your Zodiac LM3 chlorinator by following the instructions provided in the owner’s manual.

After it is connected, you will use this service button as directed in order to connect the software of your chlorinator to the model of pool automation system that you have installed.

To find precise instructions about how to perform this installation using the hidden service button, we recommend following the manual for the Zodiac LM3 Series chlorination system by Zodiac.

Why Is There A Secret Button In The First Place?

Because this button is only used in the event that you would like to hook your chlorinator up to a pool automation system, the manufacturer has chosen to hide it. Most pool owners do not hook their chlorinator up to such a system unless they are particularly tech savvy, so very few users of this chlorinator will end up needing this button in the first place.

In our opinion, this service button was placed in a secret location in order to streamline both the appearance and user interactions with the machine.

If this button were not hidden, pool owners who are not familiar with pool automation features may press it on accident or otherwise become confused by how it affects their chlorinator’s function.

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