Insnrg Vi 25

Insnrg VI Premium Chlorinator Review - Worth It? (+ Prices)

👍The Good:Industry-leading automation features, bluetooth compatible
👎The Bad:Overly complicated operating system, very high price tag
🔍Verdict:Recommended for those with a large budget who want full automation
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Product Comparison Table - Insnrg Vi 25

Before we dive into the review, let's take a look at the main specs for this product, and how it compares to other similar models.

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Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator Review

The Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator is one of the most premium chlorinators available on the market today.

Carrying a hefty price tag, these machines offer a number of tech features that seek to make managing your pool a more automated experience. Despite the unique features that set this chlorinator model aside from the rest, is this machine worth the price?

In this Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator review, we will cover the design, build quality, chlorination performance, price, and warranty information about this machine.

We’ll also review the main pros and cons of this device and answer some frequently asked questions to help you determine if this chlorinator makes the right choice for your pool.

Pros & Cons


  • Automated chemical detection
  • Acid probing and dosing
  • Bluetooth-compatible with smartphone app
  • Can operate with low salt levels
  • Works with both salt and mineral pools
  • Transparent warranty


  • Highly tech-oriented; difficult to adjust/repair
  • Control box can overheat, especially in direct sun


The Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator consists of a sturdy, black control box and a semi-transparent, in-line salt cell.

Available in two sizes, the Vi25 can handle pools up to 95,000 litres in volume while the Vi40 is compatible with pools up to 150,000 litres. In warmer climates, the Vi25 has a max volume of 50,000 litres while the Vi40 has a maximum volume of 80,000 litres.

The Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator offers many unique features. Most notably, this machine is capable of testing and adjusting the pH levels of your pool with a built-in acid dosing mechanism.

Compatible with salt water or mineral pools, this salt chlorinator offers a wide variety of control options, including a bluetooth connective smartphone app. These control tools help ensure that you are up-to-date with your pool’s levels and can manage your pool’s chemistry as desired.

Chlorination Performance

The Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator is capable of testing your pool’s free chlorine levels and determining how much chlorine it needs to produce. Each size of this chlorinator has a different chlorine production rate.

The Vi25 produces chlorine at a rate of 25g/hour, while the Vi40 produces 40g/hour. These production rates ensure that your pool is receiving adequate amounts of chlorination.

Ideal pool salinity levels for this machine range from 2,000-4,000 ppm (parts per million).

This means that the chlorinator is capable of operating when salt levels are relatively low (around 2,000 ppm), at levels that would be too low for most other salt chlorinators.

Insnrg Vi Chlorinator Salt Cell

Build Quality & Warranty

Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator Problems

There are no widely-reported issues with the build quality of the Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator. However, when going through customer reviews of this chlorinator, you will likely stumble across some user complaints regarding the operating system of the machine.

Due to the highly technical and automated nature of the Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator, it can be difficult to diagnose problems with and make adjustments to the settings of the machine.

If the machine has faulty readings, it will continue to produce chlorine based on these faulty readings until the technical issue is resolved.

The main drawback in this situation is that there are no automation-overriding controls on this chlorinator that will allow you to make precise adjustments to your pool’s chemistry, even when the system’s sensors fail to function as expected.

When these issues occur, they typically mean that you need to contact an authorised repair centre because the machine is too complicated for DIY repairs.

Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator Problems

Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator Warranty

The Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator warranty is split depending on the component of the chlorinator.

There is a three-year warranty on the power unit or control board, a one-year warranty on the acid-probing and dosing system, and a five-year warranty on the included salt cell.

This warranty is longer than the industry standard warranty, which tends to be about two years long. We also appreciate that this warranty provides explicit information about which parts are covered rather than advertising a general warranty that is later revealed to have many limitations.

Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator Price

The Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator has one of the most premium price tags for chlorinators on the market today. The small size of this machine, the Vi25, will cost you about $4,800, while the Vi40 will cost approximately $5,500.

These high price tags are due to the technology and automation-oriented components of the machine, which is unique among chlorinators in the industry.

This machine even offers pH testing, acid dosing, and bluetooth compatibility, all of which are features that you won’t often find elsewhere.

Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator - FAQ

What Should The Salt Level Be For An Insnrg Chlorinator?

The ideal salt level for the Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator ranges from 2,000-4,000 ppm. It is recommended that you do not operate the machine outside of this range of salt levels.

When salt levels are too low, this places the electrolysis plates of your chlorinator’s salt cell at an increased risk of wear and damage. When salt levels are too high, your pool’s water begins to develop corrosive properties.

Highly saline water also allows electrical currents to pass through at variable rates, which can damage the electrical components of your machine.

How Long Should The Salt Cell Of The Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator Last?

The salt cell of the Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator should last for around five years. This is standard among other salt cell units in the industry.

The Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator comes with a five-year warranty on its salt cell, ensuring that you will at least reach this minimum time frame before having to purchase a replacement with your own money.

Final Thoughts - Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator Review

Because there are no widely-reported issues with the build quality of this machine, it may seem as though it is a hassle-free purchase option.

However, many owners of this machine encounter various problems with the technological aspects of the chlorinator, some of which prevent the chlorinator from functioning as intended.

While you may encounter some frustrating technological errors, this is the biggest downside of the Insnrg Vi Premium Chlorinator.

Outside of these issues, this chlorinator makes a good choice for those seeking a more automated experience with pool maintenance and are happy to pay for it.

Price Comparison - Insnrg Vi 25

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