Perforated / Mesh Pool Fencing

Perforated / Mesh Pool Fencing - What Are The Pros & Cons?

In terms of selecting a style of fence for your pool, there’s plenty of options to choose from. With options ranging from timber to glass and all the way to chain-link fences, there are many fencing styles ready for you to choose from, each with something unique to consider.

In this article, we will discuss perforated/mesh pool fencing, including how it looks, how much it costs, and the upsides and drawbacks of this particular fencing style.

What Is Perforated Mesh Pool Fencing?

Perforated/mesh pool fencing is composed of framed panels with perforated aluminium panelling in between them to serve as the barrier. This mesh typically has a finely perforated pattern that can allow for visibility from both sides of the pool area.

These perforations are typically around 7-9 mm in diameter, but some types of perforated fences have a larger gauge of holes in the netting. This can still be acceptable to use as a pool fence, so long as the perforation remains unclimbable and does not allow children to gain foothold.

The frames for perforated mesh pool fences are most often made out of aluminium. Aluminium fence framing is the most common and most budget friendly option for perforated mesh fences, but if you are able to opt for steel this may allow for more longevity.

Pros And Cons Of A Perforated Mesh Pool Fence



The streamlined appearance of this fencing design makes it very versatile and allows it to match well with almost any landscaping theme. Perforations can also be done in custom patterns by select companies to allow for more freedom with designs.

Low Maintenance

This type of pool fencing is virtually upkeep-free. Because it is aluminium, it is not prone to rust, and it does not require regular cleaning or other treatments to stay in top condition.


Perforated mesh pool fences are mostly see-through. Although the view you receive will not be as crystal-clear as that of glass pool fencing, this feature still allows you to experience more of your yard as an intact space.



Most perforated mesh pool fencing is constructed with black-painted aluminium.

Although this type of fence is functional and can still fit well with many landscaping themes, it usually does not make your backyard attractive in the same way that glass or timber fences do unless you choose a decorative variety.


Perforated/mesh pool fencing is one of the most expensive fencing options available, and can even rival the cost of frameless glass fencing. It is not budget-friendly and is considered to be a luxury option.

Cost Of Perforated Mesh Pool Fencing

Perforated mesh pool fencing tends to cost about $350+ per metre when constructed and installed by a team of professionals. You may be able to reduce these costs by assembling and installing your fence yourself.

Just bear in mind that it must be compliant with all pool fencing safety standards.


Perforated / mesh pool fences are one of the most luxurious fencing options available. It often rivals glass fencing because it is lower maintenance, resistant to shattering, and does not require as much cleaning.

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