Zodiac G2

Zodiac G2 Pool Cleaner Review - Our Opinion + Best Prices

👍The Good:Cleans great when it works, can be long-lasting
👎The Bad:Build quality issue with the diaphragm, needs parts replaced frequently
🔍Verdict:A bit of a gamble; not recommended
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Product Comparison Table - Zodiac G2

Before we dive into the review, let's take a look at the main specs for this product, and how it compares to other similar models.

NameZodiac G2Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus
Best Price

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Zodiac G2 Pool Cleaner Review - Our Opinion + Best Prices

The Zodiac G2 is a mid-price suction-powered pool cleaner that has received a wide variety of reviews from consumers. Even though this machine can be fairly affordable when compared to other suction cleaners, is it actually worth buying?

In this Zodiac G2 pool cleaner review, we will discuss various pros and cons of this cleaner while covering everything you need to know related to its design, cleaning performance, build quality, and warranty.

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent cleaning when it works
  • Can last up to 10 years with proper maintenance
  • Reliable once setup correctly
  • Fairly easy to maintain


  • Diaphragm frequently tears, suggesting build quality issues
  • Cannot handle large leaves or sticks
  • Can get stuck in corners or near steps with incorrect setup
  • Additional deflector sizes not included
  • Inconsistent responses from customer care


The Zodiac G2 is a suction powered pool cleaner with a rotating base and upright body/handle. The rotating base of the machine allows the cleaner to move around the pool and also assists in the suction process through which debris is captured.

This cleaner is designed for both inground and above ground pools, and is suitable for a variety of pool interiors from delicate tiles to vinyl linings. This product is designed to climb walls, but does not clean the waterline particularly thoroughly.

The spinning base of the Zodiac G2 is not made of the sturdiest material, suggesting that this piece is not designed primarily with a scrubbing function in mind.

Cleaning Performance

Many users of the Zodiac G2 have owned their machine for several years and are happy with the quality of pool cleaning that they receive. When this machine works, it has an excellent cleaning quality, becoming choked only by large leaves or sticks.

This machine can occasionally become clogged by medium sized leaves, especially if a large number of them is allowed to build up in the pool in between cleanings.

Zodiac G2 Side View
Zodiac G2 Side View

To help with this, many customer reviews mention purchasing the Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Catcher attachment, which can decrease the likelihood of clogs forming in the suction tubes of your cleaner.

Power Specifications

Because the Zodiac G2 is a suction powered cleaner, the amount of power used by it is relative to the power consumption of your pool’s pump, which must be switched on while the cleaner is operating.

Build Quality & Warranty

Zodiac G2 Problems

Diaphragm Breakage

The biggest problem with the Zodiac G2 is the diaphragm, sometimes called a suction bladder. Almost all reviews of this product, positive or negative, mention the low quality of this suction bladder as it tends to need frequent replacement.

Annoyingly, many customers have noted that this part of the cleaner forms a tear in the same place each time. This consistent breakage pattern suggests an issue with build quality.

Zodiac G2 Front View
Zodiac G2 Front View

The frequency with which the diaphragm needs to be replaced is so high that users have begun finding alternative solutions to this problem. One customer mentioned that he performed a self-patch of his diaphragm by using electrical tape.

Another customer found that the interaction between the suction-plate and the suction bladder was increasing the frequency of these tears; they then replaced the suction plate and have had no issues with the diaphragm since.

Unit Flipping Over

Another issue with the Zodiac G2 is that there are occasional reports of the machine flipping onto its back. This can happen during the wall/slope climbing process, but has even been reported to happen while the machine is tackling flat surfaces.

While this issue is not widely-reported enough for us to consider it a problem with build quality, it does suggest that the setup instructions for the cleaner are not great.

When setup instructions for cleaners are concise and accurate, they tend to leave less room for user error and therefore issues such as these.

Zodiac G2 Warranty

The Zodiac G2 has a warranty period of two years (one year on the diaphragm and other wearable parts).

This length of warranty is standard among most pool cleaners, consumer reviews mention mixed interactions with the Zodiac customer care team and the warranty claims department.

While some users report helpful interactions with receptive customer service agents, others report having to fight with claims to get replacement parts that should still be covered under warranty.

Additionally, some users mention reaching out to customer care and not receiving replies for many weeks at a time. This lapse of responses may have been temporary due to an internal company merger, but many customers were left without adequate assistance during this time.


Much like its cousin, the Zodiac T3, the G2 carries a fairly modest price tag of approximately $400, making it cheaper than the MX6 and MX8, other popular Zodiac models.

While cheaper suction-side pool cleaners are available, they are few and far between. This model still offers a fairly good value for the price when considering the number of satisfied customers who have owned these machines for the long-term.

If $400 is too steep for your budget, we do not recommend the Zodiac G2. Like all pool cleaners, the Zodiac G2 consists of consumable parts that naturally deteriorate with regular use of the machine.

If you cannot afford to perform proper maintenance and upkeep on your machine, including the replacement of parts, you may want to reconsider whether an automatic pool cleaner is for you.

Zodiac G2 - FAQ

How Long Should The Zodiac G2 Last?

The Zodiac G2 can last up to five years with proper maintenance, including the replacement of broken parts. Because all autonomous pool cleaners are made with consumable parts, you may need to begin purchasing replacement parts within the first year of owning your machine.

In many cases, these replacement parts should still be under warranty until the two year mark. There are also customer reviews that report happily owning their Zodiac G2 for ten years or more!

Are Zodiac And Baracuda The Same?

While Baracuda brand pool cleaners are still unique in their design and production, in 1996, Baracuda pool cleaners was bought out by Zodiac South Africa.

Although Baracuda models of pool cleaners are still produced, both Baracuda and Zodiac are now managed by the larger corporation Fluidra, which had a merger with Zodiac in 2017.

Final Thoughts - Zodiac G2 Review

The Zodiac G2 has some widely inconsistent reviews from consumers, making it difficult for us to recommend.

While you could be one of the lucky ones who happily owns one of these machines for up to 10 years while making a reasonable amount of repairs, you could end up with a faulty model that constantly needs the diaphragm replaced.

If you are interested in trying out a Zodiac G2 for yourself, we recommend that you purchase it from a retailer with an extensive return policy.

That way, if Zodiac customer care denies you adequate warranty claims responses, you will still have an avenue to return your machine and get your money back.

Overall, we encourage looking for another machine in the same price range with more consistency among consumer reviews. With the Zodiac G2, it is difficult to know what you are going to get.

Price Comparison - Zodiac G2

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