Pool Landscaping Brisbane

Pool Landscaping Brisbane (Northside & South)

Is the area around your pool a bit bland and uninspiring? If so, you may want to consider pool landscaping. Landscaping can transform the environment around your pool to create a new and unique feel for your backyard that is more relaxing and more eye-catching.

In this article, we will discuss some frequently asked questions about pool landscaping, then we will recommend a handful of operators in the Brisbane area to help you find the best team to complete this project for your pool.

Pool Landscapers Brisbane - Companies Near Me

Wahoo Pool & Landscape Construction
4.6⭐ (59 reviews)
Cityscapes Pools & Landscapes Pty Ltd
4.8⭐ (10 reviews)
PPG - Premium Pools & Gardens
4.7⭐ (13 reviews)
4.8⭐ (41 reviews)
Brisbane Pools & Landscapes
5⭐ (4 reviews)

Pool Landscaping Brisbane Northside


Address:4/40 Leonard Cres, Brendale QLD 4500
Rating:4.8 (41 reviews)

The team at Brizscapes consists of pool-surround specialists offering landscaping, concrete paving, tiling, fencing, decking, and more.

Being in business as swimming pool builders since 2007, Brizscapes has won awards for their pool and landscaping designs.

Brizscapes also confidently performs stonework and earthworks including the construction of retaining walls to add levels of depth to your outdoor space.

Seeking to offer professional pool designs with a luxurious feel, this business services the greater Brisbane area by providing a wide array of top-quality services at affordable prices.

Pool Landscaping South Brisbane

Wahoo Pool & Landscape Construction

Wahoo Pool & Landscape Construction
Address:8/29 Mount Cotton Rd, Capalaba QLD 4157
Rating:4.6 (59 reviews)

Wahoo Pool & Landscape Construction offers construction of swimming pools and their entire surrounding areas.

Their list of services includes construction and design of pools, spas, pavilions, decks, garden or water features, retaining walls, paving or tiling, garden irrigation, and pool fencing among many more.

With over 20 years of service, this family business provides quality pools and landscaping to Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Their team includes a dedicated project manager, an architect, professional landscapers, and a horticulturalist to help suit any needs you may have related to your pool or nearby landscaping.

Cityscapes Pools & Landscapes Pty Ltd

Cityscapes Pools & Landscapes Pty Ltd
Address:415 Tilley Rd, Gumdale QLD 4154
Rating:4.8 (10 reviews)

Cityscapes Pools & Landscapes Pty Ltd is a family-run business with over 50 years of combined experience and award-winning designs.

Serving the greater Brisbane area from Redcliffe to Redland Bay, their team includes architects, landscapers, project designers, budget estimators, and a horticulturalist.

This team covers concrete pool building and complete renovations to the landscaping that surrounds your pool.

Certain services also include access to their 3-D modelling service, which can allow you to view what your new pool landscaping will look like before the work begins taking place.

As with most professional landscapers, they are fully licensed by QBCC (the building regulator in Queensland).

PPG - Premium Pools & Gardens

PPG - Premium Pools & Gardens
Address:2a/32 Sumners Rd, Sumner QLD 4074
Rating:4.7 (13 reviews)

Founded in 2009, Premium Pools & Gardens is headquartered in the Western suburbs of Brisbane and services all of Brisbane City including surrounding areas such as Ipswich and Logan.

Their team is dedicated to helping you find budget-friendly options for improving your outdoor living space.

With a variety of services available from pool construction, landscape design, garden maintenance, fencing installation, water features, and even artificial turf, this business is passionate about creating outdoor spaces for your home that you will love to live in.

Brisbane Pools & Landscapes

Brisbane Pools & Landscapes
Address:6/16 Industry Pl, Wynnum QLD 4178
Rating:5 (4 reviews)

Having been in business since 2013, Brisbane Pools & Landscapes is one of the best businesses providing bespoke luxury designs for swimming pools and their surrounds.

This business offers services such as pool building, renovations, landscaping, garden design and planting, outdoor lighting, and the installation of water features. They can take on just about any landscaping project.

Servicing the greater Brisbane area, this business makes a great choice for those seeking more modern and luxurious designs without sacrificing any amount of build quality or professionalism.

They can help you turn your dream pool into reality!

Swimming Pool Landscaping FAQ

How Much Does Landscaping Around A Pool Cost?

Ultimately, the price you pay is determined by the type of landscaping that you are having installed. Full sets of pool landscaping often include a variety of plants such as shrubbery or trees, and may also include pool surround coping and/or fencing.

In a modest sized yard, you can expect to pay between $2k-$4k on the landscaping around your swimming pool. If you have a particularly small area or are looking for less intricate designs, the price range for your project could be lower than this.

Swimming Pool With Stone Wall

What Can I Put Around My Pool To Make It Look Better?

Most people choose to put pool coping, sometimes called pool surround tiling, around the edges of their pools to make them look more aesthetically pleasing.

This tiling can extend a metre or two from the edges of your pool and may even form a nice walkway or patio-type area where sun-bathing furniture can be placed.

Many professional landscapers also choose to add a variety of plants to the areas surrounding swimming pools. This can create a more natural feel to your pool’s area in your garden, and can even contribute to making your pool’s environment more relaxing overall.

If you are concerned about plant matter polluting your pool, discuss this with your landscaping team. They should be able to help you decide on plants that won’t drop as many leaves and therefore will not increase the amount of pool maintenance required.

Swimming Pool Landscaping In Brisbane With Plants

What Are Common Plants Used For Pool Landscaping?

Many plants are used for pool landscaping, and the varieties available to you may vary depending on your location. Some of the most popular plants used for pool landscaping include the shed-free golden cane palms, flowering frangipani, vibrant viburnum suspense hedges, or the bold and bright agave attenuata.

What Should You Not Plant Around A Pool?

Plants that produce a lot of seasonal debris should be avoided as they can contribute to a lot of mess within your swimming pool. Some of these plants include azaleas, crape myrtle, honeysuckle, ash trees, gum trees, silky oak, willows, and certain types of bamboo.

You should also avoid plants that have extensive root systems that are likely to spread underground and damage infrastructure. This can even lead to a leaking pool.

If you have questions or concerns about the types of plants you are choosing to surround your pool, we recommend that you speak to the team performing your landscaping.

These professionals will be able to advise you about the amount of debris that various plants will produce on a seasonal basis.

Pool Landscaping With A Waterfall

How Can I Create Privacy Around My Pool Area?

Privacy around your pool area can perhaps best be created with fences, hedge-shaped shrubbery, and tall trees.

Although fences are primarily used to meet regulations and provide safety, a variety of aesthetic fencing options are available that will help you create a more private experience in your pool.

If you prefer a more natural look, we recommend utilising a combination of hedges and trees. By combining these plants with varying heights of greenery, you can block out the neighbours and give your pool the feeling of a private oasis.

Note that it is a little more difficult to achieve full privacy for above ground pools than inground pools, but it can be done.

What Are The Best Ways To Incorporate Lighting Into Pool Landscaping?

There are many different options when it comes to incorporating lighting into your pool landscaping. The lighting options that will look best with your landscaping ultimately depends on the other features of your landscaping.

Some of your options include walkway lighting, uplighting (which is intended to shine upwards on trees/shrubs/etc.) and downlighting.

You may also want to consider other options, such as fire features. A landscaping fireplace can be not only a good light source, but can also be a great outdoor gathering area during the cooler months of the year.

Depending on the look you are going for, you could also light the area around your pool using torches or lanterns.

If you’re interested in more pool landscaping ideas, check out Pinterest, which can be a great source of inspiration.

Can Pool Landscaping Be Done In Stages Or Does It Need To Be Done All At Once?

Pool landscaping is usually best done all at once so that the finished look can be adjusted throughout the process. However, it is possible to do pool landscaping in stages in order to fit any budget or time constraints that you may have.

If you are considering using a professional landscaping service, their consultation should be able to answer any questions you may have about the process.


Pool landscaping is a great investment not only for your property value but also for your own enjoyment of the outdoor space surrounding your pool.

If you are having trouble visualising what your new outdoor area could look like, get in touch with Cityscapes Pools & Landscapes Pty Ltd who will help you design beautiful landscaping features that can be visualised via 3D rendering software.

If you are seeking a wide variety of services with more than two decades of expertise, get in touch with the family-friendly representatives at Wahoo Pool & Landscape Construction, who would be more than happy to help you out.

Do you have any questions about pool landscaping in general, or pool landscaping services in Brisbane? Get in touch with us in the comments, we’d love to help!

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