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Swimming Pool Leak Detection Brisbane - Repairs - South & North

Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your pool may have sprung a leak? Want it evaluated by experts to know for sure?

In this article we’ll cover some frequently asked questions about pool leak detection services in the Brisbane area and review some select service providers to help you make an informed choice about who to use.

Pool Leak Detection Brisbane - Companies Near Me

Leaks Downunder
4.9⭐ (35 reviews)
Australian Leak Detection Brisbane North
4.7⭐ (13 reviews)
Pool Leaks
4.4⭐ (19 reviews)
South East Leak Detection
4.9⭐ (169 reviews)
Pool Leak Services
4⭐ (4 reviews)

Pool Leak Detection North Brisbane

Leaks Downunder

Leaks Downunder
Address:Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
Rating:4.9 (35 reviews)

Leaks Downunder specialises in using a leak detector and thermal imaging to find and fix pool leaks, especially those in the pipework of your pool. With a standout, fully-licensed plumber, this team makes a great choice for domestic services and serves the greater Brisbane area including Moreton Bay and the Sunshine Coast from Caboolture to North Lakes.

What sets this service provider apart from the rest is their attention to pipe work.

Trained in plumbing before specialising in pool work specifically, Leaks Downunder frontman Chris has over 35 years of plumbing experience, giving him decades of expertise with finding and fixing leaks of all kinds.

This business is also known for their quality, detail-oriented repairs pre-purchase and aims to be flexible to meet the needs of their customers.

Australian Leak Detection Brisbane North

Australian Leak Detection Brisbane North
Address:Banyo QLD 4014
Rating:4.7 (13 reviews)

Serving north of the Brisbane River and along Warrego Highway from Steve Irwin Way to Toowoomba, Australian Leak Detection Brisbane North specialises in leak detection services and repairs.

With more than 40 years of hand-on experience, this business employs state-of-the-art technology and highly trained professionals to detect leaks fast.

What sets this service provider apart is their attention to detail, which includes cause and origin reports for any leaks found in your pool. This is great at helping you pinpoint the leak location.

This company also competently takes on jobs related to servicing commercial swimming pools, spas, fountains, and water utilities.

Another standout feature of Australian Leak Detection Brisbane North is their dedicated, non-invasive approach.

Many leak-detection methods can leave your pool or yard a mess, but this team’s approach is especially designed to avoid damaging both your pool and the surrounding areas.

Pool Leaks

Pool Leaks
Rating:4.4 (19 reviews)

Pool Leaks services the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane north side, and Brisbane west side with almost 30 years of experience. A traditional, family-owned business, this service provider has slowly grown to include many services aside from simple swimming pool leak detection and repairs.

Their technicians offer a full range of solutions includes pre-purchase inspections, pipe blockage clearing, skimmer box replacement, air leak diagnosis, and pressure testing.

This business accepts jobs at residential locations, and has also expanded their offering to include maintenance performed on body corporate and council pools.

What sets Pool Leaks apart is their personal and friendly approach. While they typically work on weekdays, this company also offers weekend availability in case of emergencies or other special circumstances.

Pool Leak Detection South Brisbane

South East Leak Detection

South East Leak Detection
Rating:4.9 (169 reviews)

The South East Leak Detection specialists are experts in finding concealed underground leaks, including those in plumbing, near drains, and even in bathrooms.

For pools, they use a special dye that is capable of being detected in the surrounding environment even at very low concentrations by special tools, should it leak from the pool after being added.

This company aims to be a “one-stop shop” and includes extensive repair methods, even those adaptable to trickier vinyl or fibreglass linings.

A standout feature of this business is that they will help you diagnose the source of your excess water usage notices, whether it is related to your pool or not. This team is also highly skilled at finding leaks behind walls.

Serving the Greater Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Logan, Moreton Bay, Redlands, and Tweed regions, this business has a widespread service area and is able to send experts out to areas where other teams might not have coverage.

Pool Leak Services

Pool Leak Services
Rating:4 (4 reviews)

Pool Leak Services is a family-owned business that has been providing service to domestic swimming pools in the Brisbane area for over 20 years.

Using high-quality leak detection equipment and specialising in a wide-range of repair services, this business seeks to offer expert-quality services at a reasonable price.

What sets this provider apart from the others is their specialised services, including underwater liner repairs that can be made efficiently and effectively without draining your pool.

Their trained experts also perform pipe pressure testing, pipe repair, hydrostatic valve replacements, and repairs to vinyl pool linings.

Pool Leak Repairs Brisbane - FAQ

How Can I Tell If My Pool Is Leaking?

Pool Evaporation Calculator

The most obvious sign that a pool is leaking involves more rapid water loss than normal. To work out normal water loss for your pool, check out our pool evaporation calculator.

Bucket Test

The bucket test is a great way of finding out the cause of your leak. It lets you test evaporation or a leak. If your pool loses water faster than the bucket, you likely have a leak.

Check For Nearby Water

Additionally, you may begin to see damage on your pool’s surface near where the leak is located, such as tile damage and delamination.

One sign of a more serious water leak is having a muddy or soggy yard around the pool. This can lead to damage of concrete or tile surfaces around your pool, such as foundation settling. This may require a pool tiling specialist in Brisbane to restore it back to its original condition.

Occasionally, leaks can lead to excessive algae growth. This occurs when soil-matter leaks back into your swimming pool through surface leaks, which more commonly occurs during times of wet weather.

Soil-polluted water is naturally high in phosphates, an organic compound that acts as a natural food source for algae colonies.

Leaking Pool Needing Repair

Where Is The Most Common Place For A Pool To Leak Water?

The most common places for a Brisbane pool leak are near seams in the construction of the pool. This can vary slightly by pool type, but most often occurs in corners, near steps, skimmer boxes, and by the waterline.

You may also find leaks near drains or pump inlets and outflow jets. Typically, leaks occur more often in these places because the joining material between the structural components of your pool is in poor condition.

This joining material, sometimes grout or caulking, may have not been applied well, or it could simply be too old to perform its function.

Can You Fix A Leaking Pool Without Draining?

It is difficult to truly fix a pool leak without draining your pool’s water level to a height just below the leak. However, there are some stopgap options that you can apply with water in the pool.

Lo-Chlor Leak Sealer is a good example of this. Most users tend to find that this slows down a leak rather than stops it, so a leak detection expert will still be needed to fully diagnose and fix the leak.

Swimming Pool With Leaks

What Happens If You Don't Fix Leaking Water In Swimming Pools?

Water leaks that are left unfixed can cause catastrophic damage to your entire pool, and may even affect your house foundations if they are close to the pool.

The most serious types of damage associated with this are cracks in the outer shell of the pool and irreversible damage to the foundation. In most cases, pools will have to be entirely replaced if this type of damage occurs.

Smaller scale damage will happen before your pool gets to this point.

This mainly includes damage to your pool’s equipment, which may begin sucking air (if the water level drops below the skimmer box or return jets), and delamination of the pool surface near where the leak is located.

This kind of damage is not as catastrophic as the types we mentioned above, but it can still be more costly than attending to a leak as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that if the leak is caused by plant roots growing into and damaging your pool, the leak is likely to get worse and worse over time. It's better to take action while the leak is still quite small.

It's also a reminder that it's a good idea to consult a landscaper before planting trees around your pool, as they can advise which types of plants are most suitable (often those with the most contained root systems).

How Long Does Swimming Pool Leak Detection Take?

Simple Pool Leaks

Leak detection services can typically be performed in one day when using competent service providers. This can occasionally take up to 48 hours, particularly if you have a slow leak, but should not exceed this period.

The amount of time it will take to repair your pool’s leak depends on a few factors. These include the type of lining, the size of the leak, and any related damage that the leak has caused.

Severe Pool Leaks

More severe leaks that have caused structural damage to your pool may take up to three weeks to remedy (including draining and resurfacing), while leaks that are caught early-on can sometimes be repaired in one day's work.

Leaking Concrete Swimming Pool


When considering a service provider, it is important to pay attention to their expertise, experience, and range of services. You may also want to consider what separates these providers from the competition.

Leaks Downunder specialises in all types of leaks and is especially skilled at diagnosing and fixing leaks in pipes and other pieces of pool plumbing.

Brisbane Pool Repairs and Pressure Cleaning specialises in concrete swimming pool repairs and restorations, rust removal, pebblecrete pool surface installation, and structural pool repairs including cracks and waterline damage.

On the other hand, Australian Leak Detection Brisbane North offers cause and origin reports for their leak detection and repair services, helping you learn more about how to prevent similar leaks from occuring in the future.

Pool Leaks is a great choice for handling pool pre-purchase inspections, and is also capable of performing a wide variety of pool repair on both domestic and commercial pools.

If you are looking to have the source of your excess water charges diagnosed, we recommend South East Leak detection, which will help you root out the cause even if it is not pool related.

If you are seeking a more basic yet still highly-skilled array of leak and repair services, check out Pool Leak Services, as they seek to offer expert services at a more reasonable price than competitors.

Still need help choosing a professional? Contact us and we can help you get a quote!

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