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Pool safety inspections are mandatory for those with residential pools in Queensland. If this is your first time having your pool certified, you may be wondering: what service providers offer pool safety inspections in Brisbane?

In this article, we will briefly review some common questions about how pool safety inspections work in Queensland. We will then review some top pool safety certificate providers in the Brisbane area to help you find a reputable company to inspect your pool.

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Total Pool Safety Inspections Brisbane
5⭐ (17 reviews)
Be Safe Pool Fence Inspections
5⭐ (46 reviews)
Pooltech - Pool Safety Inspections
5⭐ (19 reviews)
The Big Tick - Pool Safety Inspections & Handyman Services
4.9⭐ (35 reviews)
Robson's Pool Safety Inspections
4.7⭐ (43 reviews)

Pool Inspections Bayside

Be Safe Pool Fence Inspections

Be Safe Pool Fence Inspections
Rating:5 (46 reviews)

Since Queensland pool safety legislation came into effect in 2010, Be Safe Pool Fence Inspections has provided pool safety certifications for over 4,000 pools.

This team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals specialises in inspecting pools for properties that are being bought, sold, or leased, and can also provide pool fence advice and repairs.

Serving the greater Brisbane including the Bayside, Logan, Caboolture, Ipswich, and Moreton Bay areas, this company offers pool safety certification for shared pools and residential pools, including those that may be on the market.

Pool Safety Certificate Brisbane Northside

Total Pool Safety Inspections Brisbane

Total Pool Safety Inspections Brisbane
Address:1/1 Pepperberry Circuit, Peregian Springs QLD 4573
Rating:5 (17 reviews)

Having certified over 800 pools in the Brisbane area, Total Pool Safety Inspections Brisbane is a locally owned and operated company.

Specialising in pool safety compliance inspections with guaranteed service the next business day, this team does not rely on the use of subcontractors.

Offering pool safety inspections for spas, barriers, and a variety of pools including inflatable models, this business provides certifications for homeowners, body corporates, and real estate agencies.

They also offer pre-purchase pool inspections as well as on-site safety consultations about your pool to maximise your chances of being certified the first time around.

The Big Tick - Pool Safety Inspections & Handyman Services

The Big Tick - Pool Safety Inspections & Handyman Services
Address:33 Grant Rd, Morayfield QLD 4506
Rating:4.9 (35 reviews)

Handling pool safety inspections since Queensland pool safety regulations took effect in 2010, The Big Tick services the greater Brisbane area from Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast.

Seeking to provide top-quality professional service with a personal touch, what sets this business apart is that they also offer handyman services provided by a qualified pool inspector.

Offering advisory consultations alongside their inspections, The Big Tick team works hard to ensure that your pool passes inspection the first time around with cost-effective, practical, and aesthetic fencing solutions.

Pool Safety Certification Brisbane Southside

Pooltech - Pool Safety Inspections

Pooltech - Pool Safety Inspections
Address:201 Jesmond Rd, Indooroopilly QLD 4068
Rating:5 (19 reviews)

Having been in the pool construction industry since 2014, Pooltech owner Luke Scott started offering pool inspections in 2020.

Composed of a qualified team backed by industry professionals, this business services greater Brisbane including the Redlands, Ipswich, and Moreton Bay region.

Being a tech-savvy choice, this company allows secure online bookings and also offers remote inspection services that can be carried out via live video feed.

Alongside pool safety inspections, this service provider offers a 24-hour report turnaround period, one of the fastest in the industry.

Working with any size pool or spa including shared or non-shared facilities, this team can also provide capable onsite safety consulting, reinspections, and online advisory services to ensure that your pool is compliant.

Robson’s Pool Safety Inspections

Robson's Pool Safety Inspections
Address:7a/20 Bogong St, Riverhills QLD 4074
Rating:4.7 (43 reviews)

Robson’s Pool Safety Inspections has been certifying swimming pools for over ten years.

Backed by a trustworthy, family-oriented team, with over 20 years of experience in the pool construction industry, this business specialises in providing Brisbane pool fencing and fence repairs in addition to pool safety inspections.

Capable of certifying pools, spas, and barriers, this company competently takes on work for landlords, property managers, and body corporates.

If you live in Brisbane or surrounding areas including Logan, Redlands, Ipswich, and Moreton Bay, get in touch with Robson’s Pool Safety Inspections to get fencing repairs and certification all in one place.

Pool Safety Inspection FAQ

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Pool Safety Certificate?

The Queensland Government fee for a Pool Safety Certificate is $41.75. Your pool must be certified by a qualified pool safety inspector before this certificate can be granted.

Can You Sell A House Without A Pool Safety Certificate In Queensland?

You can sell a house without a pool safety certificate in Queensland. You must provide the buyer with what is known as a Form 36, aka a Notice Of No Pool Safety Certificate.

However, if you are leasing your property, a pool safety certificate is required.

Glass Pool Fence In Brisbane

How Long Is A Pool Safety Certificate Valid For In Queensland?

Pool safety certificates in Queensland are valid for two years. This applies to residential pools that are not shared by more than one household.

How Long Does A Pool Safety Inspection Take?

A pool safety inspection may take up to two hours for pools with complex fencing setups. Most pool safety inspections can be completed in under one hour.

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How Much Does A Pool Safety Inspection Cost?

Pool safety inspections in Queensland tend to cost around $200. This number may be slightly lower or higher depending on the complexity of your swimming pool and its surrounding areas.

What Happens If I Fail A Pool Inspection?

If a swimming pool fails to pass inspection, you will be given a nonconformity notice. At this point, you will have two days to make or plan to make adjustments to your pool, otherwise, you will be issued a certificate of noncompliance.

During these two days, it is sufficient to make pool improvement plans with your inspector that will be completed within 20 business days of the original inspection.

After improvements are made, your pool can then be re-inspected by the same safety inspector. This must be done within three months of receiving the original nonconformity notice.

If you do not comply, or if you try to have your pool inspected by a different provider, you will be reported to your local council. This typically results in being levied a fine for having a nonconforming pool fence.


Pool safety inspections can seem like a complicated, daunting process, but it isn’t one that you need to dread.

Getting in touch with qualified industry professionals can save you time, stress, and money in the pool inspection process whether you are seeking certification for a residential, corporate, or rental property.

You can choose to get your pool certified by teams that have been in the industry for a long time, such as The Big Tick with their competent handyman services, or you can opt for a more modern approach with Pooltech, offering online scheduling and even virtual pool assessments to fit into your busy schedule.

Do you have any questions about pool fence safety inspections in Brisbane? Let us know, we’d love to help answer any remaining queries you may have!

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