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If you’ve recently had a new pool installed, it is crucial to get fencing around it in order to comply with national pool-safety regulations. Not only that, but pool fencing is necessary for preventing tragic accidents in case unsupervised children or pets were to wander near your pool.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about pool fences while suggesting a handful of pool fencing providers in the Brisbane area.

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Pool Fencing Brisbane - Companies Near Me

Glass Pool Fencing Brisbane
5⭐ (38 reviews)
Worth Pool Fencing
5⭐ (67 reviews)
Hi-Liner Pool and Aluminium Fencing
4.8⭐ (25 reviews)
Harding Fencing
4.9⭐ (73 reviews)
Northside Fencing
4.2⭐ (181 reviews)

Pool Fencing Brisbane Northside (Aluminium & Glass)

Harding Fencing

Harding Fencing
Address:29/193 S Pine Rd, Brendale QLD 4500
Rating:4.9 (73 reviews)

Harding Fencing has been in business since 2010.

Championed by their owner Jason Harding who has over 30 years of experience with the design and installation of quality fencing in the North Brisbane area, this company specialises in aesthetic fencing options and places high importance on exceeding compliance with safety regulations.

Offering a variety of services, this company has expertise working with products such as pin-fixed glass, aluminium slats, semi-frameless glass, loop, spear, picket, and black flat top fencing, raked or breeze panels, COLORBOND® steel, and double top rail fencing.

This company also offers a variety of gates, including sliding and soft-close gates. With an abundance of resources available on their website and a ten-year warranty backing many of their installations, Harding Fencing makes a great choice for a quality pool fence.

Brisbane based and family owned, you can’t go wrong with Harding.

Northside Fencing

Northside Fencing
Address:4 Naunton Rd, Burpengary QLD 4505
Rating:4.2 (181 reviews)

Northside Fencing has been serving local pool fence installation in the Brisbane Northside, Sunshine Coast, and Moreton Bay areas since 1994.

Employing a professional team of experts with several decades of combined experience, this family-owned business specialises in offering quality timber options alongside your pool fencing needs.

This business offers timber solutions, fencing, and a variety of entry gates.

With a full list of service offerings that include timber for decks, garden edging, COLORBOND® steel, industrial, chain wire, garden, timber, glass, and pool fencing, this company can competently provide you with a variety of regulation-complying options with a family-friendly touch.

Pool Fencing Brisbane Southside (Aluminium & Glass)

Glass Pool Fencing Brisbane

Glass Pool Fencing Brisbane
Rating:5 (38 reviews)

Glass Pool Fencing Brisbane has been serving the Brisbane and Redland City areas with expert quality design and fencing installations since 1992.

This company specialises in frameless glass pool fencing and is known for maintaining a clean and tidy workspace until your fence installation is complete.

Offering a range of fencing options including glass and tubular aluminium combinations and balustrades, this team of professionals will help you ensure your pool is fenced per Queensland regulations and will also provide you with a certificate of compliance upon completion of their work.

Worth Pool Fencing

Worth Pool Fencing
Rating:5 (67 reviews)

Worth Pool Fencing is an experienced team of professionals serving Brisbane and a large range of surrounding areas.

This team specialises in all varieties of glass fencing to provide you with aesthetically-pleasing options that will help get your pool and property in alignment with safety regulations.

With a full list of service offerings that include frameless and semi-frameless glass pool fencing as well as glass and aluminium combo fencing, Worth Pool Fencing has a variety of quality options for you to choose from, all at an affordable price.

This pool fence business has plenty of happy customers, as evidenced by their testimonials.

Hi-Liner Pool and Aluminium Fencing

Hi-Liner Pool and Aluminium Fencing
Address:176 Redland Bay Rd, Capalaba QLD 4157
Rating:4.8 (25 reviews)

Hi-Liner Pool and Aluminum Fencing is a specialist installation team with expertise in fabricating high-quality aluminium fencing, toughened glass panels, and related products.

Serving the Brisbane and Redland Bay area, this team also provides glass fencing including fully-frameless options.

With a full list of service offerings that includes glass balustrades, slatted screens, boundary fences, infill fence panels, and privacy screens, this business is a top choice for customizable pool and garden fencing.

They also offer a variety of gate options, including automatic, sliding, and pool gates to best fit the needs of your property.

Pool Fencing FAQ

How Much Does A Safety Fence Around A Pool Cost?

Pool fencing typically costs between $100-$400 per metre of the fence, with the price varying greatly based on the material used.

Additionally, minor landscaping adjustments may be needed in some cases to set a fence up properly. In these situations, you may see slightly higher costs than normal.

Use our pool fence cost calculator to get an estimate for how much your fence might cost.

Is Aluminium Or Glass Better For A Pool Fence?

When determining a material for your pool’s fence, it is important to consider your budget as well as the aesthetics of the space where you are adding a fence.

While aluminium pool fencing is much cheaper, glass fencing looks great (particularly the frameless options) and doesn’t obstruct your view while in the pool, or your view of the kids while they are playing in the pool.

If you are primarily installing a pool fence for safety concerns and compliance, aluminium fencing is probably the best option for you.

Glass Pool Fence In Brisbane

What Is The Minimum Height For A Pool Fence In Queensland?

The minimum height for a pool fence in Queensland is 1200mm. This is slightly over one metre in height and has been determined (in the regulations) to be the most appropriate size for fencing in order to keep unsupervised children safely away from your pool area.

How Long Does It Take To Install Pool Fencing?

The time it takes to install your pool’s fencing ultimately depends on the design and materials of the fence you choose. More simply, aluminium fences that can be purchased panel-by-panel are going to take drastically less time to install than design-oriented stone or steel rod fencing.

The simplest of fences can often be installed in half a day, assuming a typical pool size. If you are having custom fencing installed, this process could take up to three weeks.

For the most accurate time estimates, speak to a pool fencing professional.

Aluminium Pool Fence

Can I Install Pool Fencing Myself Or Should I Hire A Professional?

More simple varieties of pool fences, such as aluminium chain-link, can often be installed without professional help, especially in the hands of home-improvement savvy DIY-ers.

For more complex models of fencing or those of us less experienced in home-improvement work, it often makes the best choice to hire a professional. This ensures that the time and money put into your fencing will be well-spent.

It also gives you peace of mind that you will pass compliance, and that your children are safe.

Timber Pool Fencing

Can I Customise The Design Of My Pool Fencing?

Depending on the material chosen, it is possible to customise the design. Wrought iron, steel and glass pool fences all have a fair degree of customisability.

Simpler fence types, such as aluminium are less customisable, but you should still be able to choose the colour.


Pool fencing is mandatory to comply with Queensland pool safety regulations, but that doesn’t mean that the quality of your outdoor space has to suffer from the installation of dull and drab fencing options.

There are many competent service providers available to make installing a fence around your pool an easy process.

You can get in touch with Harding Fencing with a wide variety of safety-compliant pool fencing options installed by a team with over 30 years of experience.

Or, for a variety of glass fencing options and a service area that extends far beyond Brisbane, reach out to Worth Pool Fencing for a free quote.

Do you have any questions about a pool fencing solution or pool fencing providers in the Brisbane area? Get in touch with us, we’d love to help you out!

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