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Pool Coping Tiling Brisbane

Is your pool's interior or surrounds in need of tiling?

With Brisbane's top pool tiling professionals at hand, you can rejuvenate your pool and transform it into your own backyard oasis.

Not sure if we can take care of your tiling issues? Take a look below at some of the services that we offer:

Interior TilingElevate your pool with stunning interior tiling
Coping TilingMake your pool surround stand out with coping tiles
Waterline TilingPrevents waterline stains and makes your pool look great
Tile RepairPrevent leaks and further damage to your swimming pool
Providing you with our decades of tiling experience...
Coping Tiling

Pool Coping Tiling

Pool coping tiles can make any swimming pool look great. By carefully selecting a colour and material that matches your pool area, you can get a sleek and sophisticated finish that complements your backyard.

Coping tiles are also great at preventing water from seeping into unwanted places and causing damage like cracking and erosion, which means a longer life for your pool.

They can also provide a slip-resistant surface, which means a safer swimming experience (especially for the little ones).

Our team of experienced tilers will ensure that your job is completed with attention detail, on time and to your satisfaction.

We service the entire Brisbane area (Northside, South and Bayside)
Interior Tiling

Interior Tiling

Interior tiling is what elevates an average pool to an amazing pool. Tiles add a stunning and luxurious finish that creates a welcoming environment for swimmers.

Compared to other surface types, they are incredibly durable and long-lasting, providing an added layer of protection against wear and tear, weather, and chemical damage.

Pool tiles are also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that your pool remains in pristine condition for years to come. Our team can carry out interior tiling on all shapes and sizes of swimming pool, in a variety of modern designs.

We can tile any shape and size of swimming pool
Waterline Tiling

Waterline Tiling

Waterline tiling helps to protect the pool walls from damage caused by chemicals and calcium scaling. If you've seen the unmistakable white scum line in pools without waterline tiles, you'll know just how bad it can look.

Waterline tiles also provide an attractive and stylish look, enhancing the overall appearance of your pool and backyard.

They are easy to clean and maintain, and don't require lots of aggressive scrubbing.

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I'm blown away by the work these guys did with my pool coping tiling! They know their stuff and were super easy to work with. They really took the time to understand what I was going for and my pool area is the envy of my mates - cheers!
Tim N
My swimming pool is now fully decked out with interior tiles and it looks mint! Thanks for the suggestions on colours and styles guys, everything looks great.
Katherine T
Wow, what a transformation! These guys were professional and friendly from start to finish, guiding me through the whole process (I don't know anything about tiling!). The finished product looks fantastic and I'm very happy. I'll be hitting you guys up again next time I need some work done!
Ben R

Pool Tiling FAQ

Is It Worth Tiling A Pool? What Are The Benefits?

Tiled pools can be a big investment, but are most often worth it considering the improvements it makes to your pool. Tiled pools, especially those that are fully tiled, have a luxurious feel that is hard to beat with any other type of pool decor.

They are also one of the most customizable pool types, as designs can be placed anywhere throughout the tile work. The same is true for those seeking coping or waterline tiling.

Additionally, the smooth surfaces make cleaning easier as opposed to pools with rough surfaces that can allow algae and grime to gain a foothold more easily.

Tiled pools are known to be very sturdy and can last decades depending on the type of tiles used. Even in cases where individual areas of tiles need to be repaired, it is unlikely that you will need to resurface an entire tiled pool except in extraordinary circumstances.

Tiled pools also tend to be less chemically reactive, so even in cases where your pool's chemistry becomes imbalanced you are less likely to notice deterioration in your pool surface.

How Much Does It Cost To Fully Tile A Swimming Pool?

In many instances, tiling a swimming pool will cost approximately $70 per square metre. However, because the cost of a tiled swimming pool is determined by the tile material, chosen designs, colours, and size of your swimming pool, it can vary from case to case.

If you are interested in getting your pool fully tiled, we recommend getting in contact with one of our recommended local operators, who can provide obligation-free quotes with prices tailored to your individual pool.

How Long Does It Take To Tile A Pool?

On average, tiling a swimming pool takes approximately three days. This can vary depending on a few factors, such as the size of the team working on your pool, the intricacy of the designs you have chosen, the areas you are having tiled, and weather conditions.

It is important to note that this estimation does not count removing your old pool surface.

If you are having old pebblecrete, beadcrete, or tiles removed, please incorporate extra time into your estimate while your service team ensures that your pool’s shell is adequately prepared for the tiling process.

How Long Should Pool Tiles Last?

In Australia, fully tiled pools and tiled water lines tend to last for 5-10 years on average. If you are getting your pool fitted with ceramic or porcelain tiles, the expected lifetime jumps up dramatically to 75 years.

The tiles in a tiled pool that need replacement more frequently are those that lie along the waterline of the pool. Luckily, regardless of the tile type you choose, it is often possible to make small repairs to tiled pools rather than having them entirely replaced at these intervals.

Can You Retile A Pool Without Resurfacing?

Yes, pools can be retiled without being resurfaced. Because this process can be a bit complex, it is recommended that you leave this job to a team of [professionals](/services) who understand the pool tiling process well.

To retile a portion of your pool without resurfacing it, the tiled area must be removed with great care in order to avoid damaging the underlying pool surface.

Can I Replace Or Repair Individual Tiles Or Do I Need To Retile The Entire Pool?

Individual pool tiles can be repaired and replaced without retiling the entire pool. This makes DIY repairs more accessible for many owners of tiled pools.

In some cases, a small area will need to be removed around a broken tile so that the grouting can be resealed. When done thoroughly, this will allow your new tiling to be protected against further delamination.

How Do I Choose The Right Tile Style, Design And Colour For My Pool?

Choosing the right tiles for your swimming pool can be an intimidating endeavour. Just because something looks good in your head doesn't mean it will look good in your pool specifically, so how do you choose the right tiling for your pool?

If you are considering retiling your pool, we recommend you find multiple different reference pictures online that you enjoy Pinterest is great for this). You should also make notes of any tile types, colours, and patterns or designs that you would like to be incorporated into the tiling.

Once you have created a portfolio of ideas you are satisfied with, seek a second opinion from professionals.

Tilers that have years of experience will be able to confidently advise you on any designs you are considering for your pool, especially if you have concerns about how the finished project will look in your backyard.

What Are Pool Tiles Made From?

Pool tiles can be made from glass, ceramic, stone, and porcelain.

Porcelain is the most durable and therefore most expensive and premium type of tiling available, but many people also consider it to have the most luxurious appearance.

Ceramic tile is a mid-ground, as it tends to be slightly more porous than porcelain but not quite as fragile as glass.

Glass tiles have the unmatched element of transparency that can really make the interior of your pool sparkle, but while these tile types are some of the most affordable, they are more easily damaged.

Finally, if you are seeking a more natural look in your pool, you may be interested in natural stone tiles. These are composed of natural stone that has been delicately cut into tiles, and tend to be about as sturdy as those made from ceramic.


Fill in our 28-second form and get a quote - job sorted!

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