Bird Of Paradise Around Pool

Bird Of Paradise Around Pool - Good Idea? How Does It Look?

When deciding what plants to use to finish off your pool’s landscaping, the amount of options you are faced with can be overwhelming.

If you don’t have much of a green thumb, it can be difficult to know where to start. Birds of paradise are often recommended for poolside planting, but is this a good idea?

In this article, we’ll discuss whether or not birds of paradise are a good poolside plant, if they look good near the pool, how much maintenance they require, and anything else you may need to know before selecting this plant for your pool.

Are Birds Of Paradise A Good Poolside Plant?

Bird of paradise is an incredibly popular plant option when it comes to pool landscaping. These plants are tolerable to a variety of weather conditions, are considered easy to grow, and make a great option for adding an exotic feel and a pop of colour to your pool’s space.

Do They Look Good Near The Pool?

Bird of paradise is popular as a poolside plant use due to its aesthetics. This plant produces shiny and vibrant green leaves to add lush feelings of nature to your outdoor space, but the real star of the show is this plant’s flowers.

This plant is best known for its unique blooms that contain sharp, pointed petals in bright orange and orange-yellow hues. These blooms are said to resemble jungle birds, giving the plant its name. Most people consider this plant to have a tropical appearance.

Are They Low Maintenance?

Birds of paradise are fairly low maintenance to grow. As long as they receive adequate sunlight and are not over-watered, these plants can easily thrive near your pool.

Unlike some plants, this species of flower is also fairly tolerable to being splashed with pool water and does not drop much plant matter.

One of the only drawbacks of this plant is that it has extensive and strong root systems. These roots grow and spread rapidly and with lots of force, often leading to disturbed coping, wall tiles, or out-rooting other plants.

For this reason, it is often recommended that you plant birds of paradise in pots or elongated troughs.


Birds of paradise are an excellent choice for a poolside plant that does not produce lots of debris and is tolerable to many environmental conditions. Although the roots of this plant can be aggressive, this can be avoided by planting the flower in enclosed containers.

Do you have any questions about planting birds of paradise around your pool? Get in touch with us in the comments, we’ll do our best to help answer any remaining questions you may have.

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