Can You Resurface A Fibreglass Pool?

Can You Resurface A Fibreglass Pool? What Does It Involve?

Have you noticed some damage to your pool’s fibreglass surface or shell? In this article, we discuss whether it’s possible to resurface a fibreglass pool or if a replacement of the shell itself is necessary.

Can You Resurface A Fibreglass Pool?

Yes, you can resurface a fibreglass pool. In fact, you should be doing so at regular intervals.

Like all other surfaces, fibreglass will get damaged over time. Whether that’s cracks, oxidation of the gel coat, stains or marks, eventually this damage will become quite obvious.

This is the point at which you should consider resurfacing.

What To Consider Before Resurfacing A Fibreglass Pool?

There’s no doubt about it - resurfacing a fibreglass pool is a big job that requires significant investment of both money and time.

You should consider the factors below before committing to a full resurfacing of your pool.

Age Of The Pool

The age of the pool is a critical factor when deciding whether to resurface or replace it. If the pool is too old, it may not be worth the investment to resurface it, as other parts of the pool may start failing not long after the resurfacing is complete.

If your fibreglass shell is approaching the end of its life, it’s often worth replacing it rather than resurfacing now, then replacing the shell in a couple of years.

Extent Of Damage To The Surface

Before deciding on resurfacing, it is essential to inspect the pool and assess the extent of the damage.

Small cracks, stains, and discoloration may be spot repairable without the need for resurfacing. Alternatively, you may be able to get away with just replacing the gelcoat.

On the other hand, extensive damage (such as widespread osmotic blisters) may require resurfacing or even replacement.

Future Plans For The Pool

Consider the future plans for the pool before deciding to resurface. If you plan to sell the property, a fresh gel coat or surface can make the pool look great and add value to the property.

Alternatively, if you plan to keep the pool for many years to come, it may be wise to invest in a longer-lasting and more durable pool surface material.


Yes, you can and absolutely should resurface your fibreglass pool from time to time. In saying that, it isn’t always the best option for every pool, so take some time to consider the points above before committing to a resurfacing project.

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