Factory Seconds Fibreglass Pools

Factory Seconds Fibreglass Pools - Who Sells Them?

Factory seconds fibreglass pools are a budget-friendly alternative to first-grade premanufactured swimming pools. These affordable pools have fewer differences from first-grade pools than you may expect and are still capable of offering a luxury swimming experience.

In this article, we will discuss what factory seconds fibreglass pool shells are, if buying one is a good idea, and what retailers in Australia offer these pools.

What Are Factory Seconds Fibreglass Pools?

Factory seconds fibreglass pools are pool shells that were damaged or otherwise deformed during the manufacturing process.

This damage is usually cosmetic, only affecting the appearance of the pool. This factory mishap can be your ticket to a discounted rate on a pool that would otherwise be fully priced.

The most common manufacturing errors that are found in fibreglass pool factory seconds are bubbles, dents, discolorations, or inclusions in the gel coating of the pool.

Is Buying One A Good Idea?

Because factory seconds only have cosmetic damage, there is no reason to avoid purchasing one of these pools. Some issues with gel coatings on fibreglass pools can eventually lead to discoloration, but it is unlikely that this will cause structural damage to your pool.

The best reason to buy a factory seconds fibreglass pool is that they are available at a generously discounted rate. This can vary depending on the amount of damage on the shell you are considering, but factory seconds tend to be at least 10% cheaper than first-rate pools.

Who Sells Factory Seconds Fibreglass Pools?

Complete Fibreglass Pool Kits

Complete Fibreglass Pool Kits provides services to the greater Brisbane area. This business is a family-oriented retailer of Australian-made fibreglass pool kits that are intended for DIY installation.

This business offers several styles of factory second pool shells complete with Australian-made pool equipment. They also offer lifetime warranties for their products.

My Fibreglass Pool Easy

My Fibreglass Pool Easy, shortened to MFP Easy, is a family-owned business based in Southeast Queensland. Alongside factory seconds pool shells, this company specialises in quality installation, lifetime warranties, and an extensive range of colours.

Master Pools Australia

Master Pools Australia is located in Melbourne. Since 1991, this company has been supplying and installing fibreglass pools in a variety of sizes, designs, and colours.

This business sells factory seconds pool shells at sales events held in their Cranbourne West display centre and by special appointment.

Palm City Pools

Located in Perth, Palm City Pools is backed by professionals with more than 40 years of experience in the fibreglass pool industry. They offer high-quality factory second pools at an affordable price range alongside a full collection of retail models.

You can view the current factory seconds this retailer has in stock by visiting their website. Afterward, reach out to the company for an obligation-free quote about the models you are interested in.


Fibreglass pool factory seconds are a great way to make owning a pool more realistic on a smaller budget. These pools usually only have cosmetic errors, making them a fully usable investment for years to come.

Do you have any questions about factory second fibreglass pools? Leave us a comment, we’d love to help you out!

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