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Fibreglass Pool Manufacturers Australia - Complete List

Fibreglass pools are one of the longest-standing competitors to traditional concrete pools. These pools are often manufactured in one piece, making them less prone to damage over time and less susceptible to leaks.

If you are interested in getting a fibreglass pool, you may be wondering, who are Australia’s most popular manufacturers?

In this article, we’ll list some of the best fibreglass pool manufacturers in Australia while providing information about the range of pools that they carry and where they are located.

Best Fiberglass Pool Manufacturers Australia

Masterbuilt Pools - New South Wales

This manufacturer services the entire east coast of Australia.

They offer nine different styles of full-sized pools, including a lap pool, and each of these pools is available in a few different sizes to best suit your needs. This provider does not have any plunge pools, but they do also offer a small spa.

Masterbuilt Pools also makes a great option for those seeking colour customisation, as this company offers a total of nine different finishing colour options. This business is Australian-owned and family-run and has been in the swimming pool industry for 30 years.

Leisure Pools - Queensland

This manufacturer has ten different styles of full-sized swimming pools available in modern rectangular designs, specialty designs, and tropical free-form designs that are more similar to oval or kidney-shaped pools.

This company produces a number of unique designs, and they also offer a small plunge pool option as well as a spa.

Most pools offered by Leisure Pools are available in a wide variety of sizes and colours. In fact, this manufacturer offers eleven total finishing colours to choose from, three of which have a granite finish.

This manufacturer is a leading fibreglass pool supplier nationwide. They offer a showroom and display centre that you can visit in order to see models of their pools up close. Visits to this showroom are by appointment only.

Barrier Reef Pools - Queensland

With its main manufacturing centre located in Beaudesert, QLD, this supplier of fibreglass pools works with retailers, builders, and installation teams all over the country.

This supplier has 21 different styles of full-sized fibreglass pools available in different dimensions including lap pools, and they also offer both plunge pools and spas for those with limited space.

With ten total gel-coat finishes available to choose from, this manufacturer has the widest variety of pools available compared to others on the list. Check out their website to find out who you can get in contact with in your local area to install one of their pools.

Narellan Pools - New South Wales

Narellan Pools has been manufacturing fibreglass swimming pools for over 50 years. With manufacturing centres in both NSW and QLD, this company has ten regular-sized pools to choose from, three models of plunge pools, and three choices for spas/splash decks.

This provider has one of the widest ranges of finishing options among the manufacturers we are comparing today with a total of 15 colours available.

Two of these colours are gemstone-rich shades of vibrant green, which are unique offerings that cannot be found with other manufacturers.

Aqua Technics - Western Australia

For 47 years and counting, Aqua Technics has been a leading manufacturer of fibreglass swimming pools for the west coast.

Headquartered in Perth, this provider produces 28 different styles of fibreglass swimming pools, giving them one of the widest design selections in the country. Additionally, they offer two styles of plunge/wading pools and a spillway spa.

While this manufacturer offers many different styles, each of these styles is only available in one size. Nonetheless, there are plenty of pools ranging from small to extra-large for you to choose from. They also have a total of 24 finishing colours available from three different collections.

The Fiberglass Pool Company - Queensland

The Fibreglass Pool Company has eleven different pool styles to choose from, each in a variety of sizes.

What makes this manufacturer unique is that they have more options for plunge pools available than other providers. They also offer a clip-on spa and have ten colours of finishing gel coats available to choose from.

This company is Australian-owned and provides lifetime structural warranties on all of its products. If you are looking for a unique swimming experience, this manufacturer can also provide you with a mineral-water system for your new pool.


Fibreglass pools make a great choice for adding a swimming pool to your yard.

These pools come in a variety of designs, sizes, and colours, and no matter where you are located in Australia, there is a pool builder nearby that can get you in touch with one of these top-rated manufacturers.

Do you have any questions or concerns about fibreglass pool manufacturer Australia? Get in touch with us in the contact section, we’d love to help!

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