Fibreglass Pool Shells For Sale In QLD

Fibreglass Pool Shells For Sale QLD - Where To Buy Them?

Fibreglass pools are a popular choice for swimming pool construction, with quality that rivals traditional concrete pools. Due to their unique construction, these pools are less prone to leaks and damage over time.

Fibreglass pools can often be purchased from a pool builder. However, if you are looking to install your pool yourself, you will need to find a supplier that provides fibreglass pool shells without installation services.

In this article, we’ll list some of the best providers of fibreglass pool shells in Queensland while providing information about their services and the selection that they offer.

Complete Fibreglass Pool Kits

Complete Fibreglass Pool Kits is a family-oriented company that serves most of Queensland.

This business is a retailer of Australian-made fibreglass pool kits that are intended for DIY installation. This company makes a great place to source a fibreglass pool shell for those who are looking for a DIY approach to pool installation.

This business offers several styles of pool shells complete with Australian-made pool equipment and offers a lifetime warranty for its products.

My Fibreglass Pool Easy

My Fibreglass Pool Easy is a family-owned business that serves most of Southeast Queensland. This company provides fibreglass pool shells for DIY installation in an extensive range of colours, each complete with its own lifetime warranty.

This company stocks pools manufactured by Aqua Technics, a leading manufacturer that has been supplying pools for 47 years and counting. This manufacturer has 28 different styles of pools that they construct, so you may be able to request a specific design if you so desire.

Swimming Pool Kits Direct

This Australian-based manufacturer has fibreglass pool shells for sale in QLD. They offer multiple styles of fibreglass pools including designs for full-sized pools, plunge pools, lap pools, and spas.

This supplier seeks to offer affordable pools without making sacrifices on quality, and can also arrange to have your pool shell delivered for your own installation.

Pool Shell Kits

Pool Shell Kits is a leading supplier of fibreglass swimming pool shells and equipment that are intended for DIY installation.

These pools are of quality construction, are budget-friendly, and can be paired with top-grade equipment to make your entire setup efficient, effective, and long-lasting.

Because they are primarily targeted towards those seeking DIY installation, each pool shell purchased from Pool Shell Kits comes complete with easy-to-follow installation instructions specific to the pool that you’ve purchased, helping to save you tons of time during the setup process.


Fibreglass pools make an excellent choice for adding a swimming pool to your backyard. Because these pools are constructed as one solid piece, installation can often be completed by dedicated DIY enthusiasts in order to save money on building costs.

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